Monday, February 28, 2011

Koch, Walmart - “Guide to Repealing Obamacare”

Index from the ALEC “Guide to Repealing Obamacare”

What Does ObamaCare Mean for States?
ü      Overburdened Medicaid Programs
ü      Higher Taxes
ü      Harmful Individual Mandates
ü      Job-Killing Employer Mandates
ü      Federal Takeover of State Insurance Regulation
How Can You, As a State Legislator, Stop ObamaCare?
ü      Decline to Build the ObamaCare Edifice
ü      Use Oversight Powers As Appropriate
ü      Reframe the Debate on ObamaCare
ü      Promote Health Care Freedom Using ALEC Model Legislation

If you don’t’ know what ALEC is – read the piece below.

ALEC –has a annual meeting that is attended by “more than 2,000 state legislators, private sector members, government representatives, and public policy experts come together for this event to confront the problems facing the 50 states  (Wiki)

ALEC – brings together private sector companies – such as Koch Industries and Walmart, for the purpose of  issues are debated by task forces of members, and policies adopted.”  AND  ALEC “model bills” (aka Model Legislation) are introduced in task force meetings and voted on by ALEC members at each of three national meetings. Public sector (state legislators) and private sector (companies, foundations and nonprofits) members vote on each model bill separately  (Wiki)

What this means is that private sector companies – such as(but not limited to) right wing companies such as  Koch Industries, Coors Brewing, AT&T and Walmart -  are writing “model legislation” that legislature members then introduce as State and Federal bills.  Some examples of the “model legislation” are posted on a public web site.  I’m sure in the “members only” area of the web site more controversial “model legislation” is kept, for members “eyes only”, for legislative members to “copy, print and present” as bills in their State or at the Federal level.

“Our members join for the purpose of having a seat at the table. That’s just what we do, that’s the service we offer. The organization is supported by money from the corporate sector, and, by paying to be members, corporations are allowed the opportunity to sit down at the table and discuss the issues that they have an interest in.” Dennis Bartlett, ALEC, 1997

HELL they are not only buying a seat at the ALEC table,
  They are buying a hidden seat in every State legislature.
  They are buying a hidden seat in the Federal government.
  Someday they may buy the Oval Office.
  They are writing “Model Legislation”.
They are subverting democracy!
Walker, Kasich, Koch, WalMart, Wal-Mart, Coors, Helmer, UK Parliament

International Readers – this is not a US problem only – there is a member of the UK parliament that belongs to this organization and ALEC has stated that they are planning on going international   This is why ALEC aims to apply for membership as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in consultative status with the UN.  … ALEC will gain the ability to craft an international agenda, publicly repudiate misinformation, and begin identifying and connecting with allies we have not yet even met. While both getting our message across and ensuring that it does not fall on deaf ears are labor- intensive tasks, both are also critical to the survival and expansion of our international outreach.


  1. Would love to know your source information on the lists of representatives. Three of our Georgia reps. are on there (Haley Barbour is from LA, not GA). Happy to help make this list go viral, but would like something to back up what you are saying. Thanks!

  2. Current State Chairmen is directly from the ALEC webpage. 2008 State Chairmen is from a cashed version of the same list.
    The rest of the names were found from painstaking research, reading the Inside ALEC (their publication) magazine and google searches that included the search: "Full Name" "ALEC" -Baldwin