Saturday, July 21, 2012

When are Unions Going to "Step Up" Against ALEC

and really participate in an ALEC protest ?????????

Last year when I got back from the Anti-ALEC protest in Snottsdale - I was livid -
because the union reps stood in front of the camera at the press conference
- but not one of their members showed up to protest ALEC.

ALEC "model" legislation  is about getting rid of UNIONS!

When I told someone else my complaint in Snottsdale - they told me that the unions were afraid (my word) to be associated with the black shirts at the protests.

I protested in Snottsdale - I didn't hang out with the black shirts.
They did their thing - I did mine (with other non-black-shirt types).

Any way -
EVERY day when I google the American Legislative Exchange Council  - I see tons and tons of articles by EVERY UNION.
Written stuff - and it ticks me off, every time I see a union article about ALEC!!!

Hey - Union members -
Time to put your job/money where your mouth is and show up at an Anti-ALEC protest.

If you don't - what you get from ALEC - is what you get
   Crappy paying jobs in ALEC right to work for less states.

When are unions REALLY going to "Step Up" against the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)?

ALEC 39th-annual meeting
July 25-28
Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City

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