Monday, February 27, 2012

Robert F (Bob) McDonnell (VA) - Former ALEC Member

I didn't say that -
InsideALEC magazine did.
ProgressiveVA  - implied it, suggested it, supported it - but never directly said it.

Bob McDonnell is an alumnus of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
Bob McDonnell is a former ALEC member.
Bob McDonnell use to belong to the American Legislative Exchange Council.
Now,'s on the internet search engines
and that is all I wanted to do.

And if this Robert F McDonald (aka Bob) who was highlighted in Inside ALEC -  is the one and only Robert F MCDonnell who was the VA Attorney General in 2009, then why is there no mention to an ALEC membership on
this web page biography
this web page biography

But then - I wouldn't admit belonging to that nasty organzation either.
But then -
I wouldn't belong to an organization
that is trying to destroy our democracy and
destroy representation of, by and for the people and
replace it with government for the corporations.

Inside ALEC, April 2009, Page 31 – Member News
ALEC Alumni Named as Virginia Attorney General
ALEC alumni William C. Mims, a former Republican legislator from Loudoun County, Virginia, was unanimously confirmed by the Virginia General Assembly as the state’s new Attorney General to complete the term of Robert F. McDonnell, also a former ALEC member

And if you're a skeptic
A picture speaks a thousand words.

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