Thursday, December 26, 2013

ALEC PR Poobah - Twisting the Words to Protect ALEC's ...

Oh, my - - - - - -

On Stand Your Ground - which was pushed by ALEC legislators from 2005 to April 2012 - #LicenseToKill
Meierling was quoted as saying. “Every single person also knows that we no longer have any model policy on that issue, or any firearms issues for that matter.”
Push come to shove - that's not true,     really - not true
Some of the "policies", not found on ALECs webpage.

On welfare drug testing  - which was introduced to ALEC legislators at the November 2010 ALEC meeting.
Meierling declined to say if the staff at ALEC endorsed the idea of drug-testing welfare recipients.
Who cares about ALEC staff - it's the actions of ALEC legislators we have to fear.
In relation to that statement by Meierling - you also have this statement:
Meierling said. "This is a great way to show what our policies are. If it is not on our website, it is not our policy."
Well those of us researching ALEC question whether all 800+ of  their "policies" made it onto the webpage.

On ALEC's anti-gay history, part of the ultraconservative history of ALEC
ALEC spokesman Bill Meierling  told The Huffington Post  ...   Currently, "ALEC maintains no model policy on social issues...    "
But that doesn't mean they haven't in the past - the proof is in the actual ALEC document that was produced.

On the elimination of paid sick leave which was discussed in detail at the 2011 ALEC annual meeting.
“The American Legislative Exchange Council has no model policy on paid or unpaid sick leave, and we are not engaged in any educational activities around sick leave in any state,” said Bill Meierling, senior director of ALEC’s public affairs
On ALEC's push of legislation to destroy renewable energy

Bill Meierling, a spokesman for ALEC, said the organization "maintains no model policy on climate change."
And then there is this goodie from ALECs webpage:
The American Legislative Exchange Council does not maintain model policy
For more information, contact Bill Meierling, Senior Director of Public Affairs: 
If so then  - why do they have a webpage named "Model Policy"?
There you will find lots of documents that start with "Resolution", or end with "Act" or "Amendment".

Or this:
"The Council does not support government mandates," said ALEC spokesman Bill Meierling.
Then why does their webpage have documents that start with "Resolution", or end with "Act" or "Amendment"?

Or this blanket statement
"...the American Legislative Exchange Council does not support or oppose any piece of legislation and does not lobby for the passage of model policy,” Meierling said in an email.

Then why does their "Model Policy" webpage have documents that start with "Resolution", or end with "Act" or "Amendment"?

Seeing a pattern here????

Seeing a pattern????

ALEC doesn't take responsibility for anything they facilitate.
Backing away from everything they do.

According to their Poobah of PR,
ALEC - the IT - doesn't do anything in connection to damn near everything.
ALEC - the IT - is not responsible for the vile string of legislation that comes out of the meetings that ALEC facilitates.
ALEC - the IT - is an innocent bystander - that is responsible~~~~~for NOTHING.

ALEC didn't do anything
ALEC isn't doing anything

Twisting the words around anyway they can.
Twisting the words 

Every day the American Legislative Exchange Council is looking more & more like a corporate nonprofit psychopath.

So why in the hell should we believe this?
Meierling insisted that Alec does not lobby in any state.
or this
Spokesman Bill Meierling insists ALEC does not push legislation or lobby,
or this
“We really believe in transparency,” ALEC spokesman Bill Meierling 
or this
Finally, ALEC does not have an oath of allegiance.

They probably call it a "pledge"

ALECer DirecTV Spreading Trash Across USA

Been awhile - had some issues to deal with - but I'm back now.

Had an interesting discussion today about DirecTV - ALEC member - DirecTV.

DirecTV putting those ugly dishes on top of every roof they can and then - - - abandoning them.

True story - 
Person I work with bought a house that had a DirectTV dish on the roof.  They wanted a higher level of service - so DirecTV comes out to put a new dish on their roof.  While they are there my collegaue asks them to remove the old dish
               - DirecTV says no and leaves.

Now my co-worker climbed up on the roof - removed the older dish
and is still trying to figure out what in the hell they are going to do with the DirectTV dish.
How in the hell do you get rid of that?

Next story - 
I just bought a new home and guess what - the former owners had DirecTV and I don't want it.
Guess what - DirecTV won't come out and remove their damn dish
- even though the previous owners told them to disconnect and remove it.

I can't - repeat - can't, climb a ladder and remove that f#cking dish from my roof.
I would have to hire someone to do it.

Both my co-worker and I have been left holding the dish for a company that should be responsible for their own crap.

It is DirecTV equipment - they should be required to remove it and recycle it.

What a racket - 
DirecTV puts that trash on top of a house and then they claim no responsibility for it.
DirecTV makes the current owner responsible for discarding DirectTV's piece of technology.

What about the people who can't climb up on the roof and remove the dish themselves
- the dish will be an ugly piece of crap in the neighborhood forever.
- the trashy obsolete dishes will continue to prolifierate
      across the neighborhood and city and
      DirectTV claims
      they aren't responsible for the very crap they put up.

Pretty soon there will be ugly DirecTV dishes poking out from every nook and cranny
- across the neighborhood and city
- because the government has no regulation for this
- cause the government is run by DirectTV's best buddy
- the pro-corporate, anti-consumer, American Legislative Exchange Council.

ALEC has bills that
thwart local control by prohibiting city and county governments from establishing municipal broadband
thwart local control by prohibiting city and county governments from control over height or siting of cell towers
So - - - why wouldn't there be legislation letting DirecTV leave their trash around the country.

ALECer DirecTV Spreading Trash Across USA

Found this thread - this morning , about DirecTV not taking down their satellites.
They are basically ruining your roof when they put it up - and don't want to be held liable for the leaking and damage when they take it down.
They consider their dish "obsolete" by the time you don't want the service anymore - so they don't want the satellite back.

What a bunch of a$$holes at DirecTV - littering the US with their trash for a profit.