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Koch's - Squashing Bugs Becausetheycan

I really enjoy Jim Hightower, but very seldom get to his site.

Today I got to catch up on my reading and found this entry on the Koch Brothers and particularly liked this phrase in the second paragraph

“…the two Koch brothers who run it are narcissistic right-wing extremists who feel entitled to throw their multibillion-dollar fortunes at America's historic democratic structures, hoping to knock them down and erect their own corporate plutocracy over our democracy.”
Every once in awhile I need reinforcements from those more recognized than me - telling me I'm still on the right path.
Anyhoo...The remainder of the entry really drew my attention - I have since put Public Citizen on speed dial (so to speak)
The background of the HIghtower article is interesting and I would suggest also reading the post that Hightower used for inspiration as well as this article at HPost.

Ya know - it's amazing to me - how people like the Koch's have to flex their muscle to prove they are the boss - over and over and over again.  Is it a lack of testerone as they are aging?  Or just being downright mean?
Hell everyone of us that works, knows that "there is a boss" - 
Cause for most of us, working folks, - that boss shoves that fact down our throat on a daily or weekly basis.
Squashing you like a bug once - is not enough - people in power do it over and over and over again - just

Minnesota - Progressively Backwards

I found this post on DKos yesterday and have to share - as it shows what crappy leadership we have in the Minnesota legislature - which by the way happens to be Republican majority.

A lot of these are ALEC bills.
The rest are just plain bullshit.

Voting has consequences.
Be careful who you vote for.

Coming to a state near you - when you have voters who are dumb enough to put Republicans in charge.

Does ALEC REALLY pass Model Legislation?

Found this on Linked In and since it's her job to know - I guess the question is answered - she should know.

Kati Siconolfi's Experience

Legislative Assistant, Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force

American Legislative Exchange Council

Nonprofit; Construction industry
June 2010Present (1 year)
Represents ALEC’s Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force at policy forums, including presenting to state legislators at the Maryland Public Policy Institute’s Transparency Conference.
Coordinates editing, marketing, and distribution for all tax publications, including Rich States, Poor States: ALEC-Laffer State Economic Index, ALEC’s roadmap for state economic recovery.
Organizes three major ALEC conferences per year, where ALEC members pass model legislation.

Just for fun - here's another "work related"  item off her page
Congressional Intern, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN-6)
United States House of Representatives

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Broun (R-GA) - Another Georgia Nutcase Today

BROUN: I want to make this clear. I will not vote to raise the debt ceiling unless we have major cuts in the size and scope of the federal government.

MULTIPLE CONSTITUENTS: Can you define major?

BROUN: I propose getting rid of the Department of Education. I’d like to get rid of the Department of Energy as well.

Tell Hillary to say NO! to the Koch Brothers

Say No to the Kochs
It will cost us money – not save us money.
And then there is the additional cost “When it Leaks”

States Affected
South Dakota

Benefitting the Koch Brothers and Friends
Kochs win big if Keystone XL pipeline is approved
Climate Progress -- February 11, 2011
If president Obama allows a permit for the Keystone XL to be granted, he would be handing a big victory and great financial opportunity to Charles and David Koch, his bitterest political enemies and among the most powerful opponents of his clean economy agenda.

Republicans to America - WORK 'TIL YOU DIE

Be proud of the freedom given to you in the USA 
The freedom to WORK 'TIL YOU DIE.

Cause the government isn't going to help you out -
you bunch of lazy old bums!

Wanna get really angry - like I did?
You  jack-a$$ republicans who put this guy in office should be ashamed of yourselves.
He is an arrogant SOB, who uses bullying tactics to basically tell seniors to shut up and die.

Woodall's parents should be ashamed of him for what he said - If they aren't THEN take away their Medicare benefits - now, they don't need the government helping them out - Wooddall can pay their medical bills.

Georgia - shame on you - shame, shame, shame on you!!


""If you want a socialized health care program, there are lots of places to find that," he said. "But, for your children's sake, I beg you: There aren't many places to find the freedom to succeed by the sweat of your brow like we have here.""

The only way a citizen over the age of say 50 can leave the United States and immigrate to another country is to marry someone from another country.  How do I know - because I am looking at my options.

Monday, May 23, 2011

What is Your Political Typology?

About six weeks ago I was part of a phone interview / survey conducted by the Pew Research Center
The report was recently published based on those phone surveys.  I didn't know why they were asking the questions then - now I do.

Here's the report of the study I participated in.
The survey looked at the "political typology" and the defined characteristics.

On the Pew Research Webpage you can take a quiz to see how you fit into the political typology.

It shouldn't surprise you - but you never know, it might.

By the way - so there is absolutely no question on the readers part about why I write what I write....
Here's my political typology.
Solid Liberal
14% of the public
What They Believe
  • Strongly pro-government and very liberal on a broad range of issues
  • Very supportive of regulation, environmental protection and government assistance to the poor
  • One of the most secular groups; 59% say that religion is not that important to them
  • Supportive of the country's growing racial and ethnic diversity
  • Two-thirds disagree with the Tea Party
Who They Are
  • Highly politically engaged
  • 75% are Democrats
  • Concentrated in the Northeast and West
  • 57% are female
  • Best educated of the groups: 49% hold at least a bachelor's degree and 27% have post-graduate experience
  • A third regularly listen to NPR, about two-in-ten regularly watch The Daily Show and read The New York Times
  • 59% have a passport
  • 42% regularly buy organic foods
  • 21% are first or second generation Americans
Can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear.   You'll get what you get from me.

At the Movies - With Tim Pawlenty

Pawlenty was on Matt Lauer this morning.
He appears to have been watching movies lately – movies about a Democratic president.  Probably didn’t like the movie (which I love and have seen at least 10 times)  – but it appears he “loved the verbiage”.
PAWLENTY: Well, I'm not running for entertainer-in-chief. These are serious times and they need serious people with serious solutions. So if you're looking for the loudest or a comedian in the race, vote for somebody else. But I'll bring the solutions forward that will actually fix the country.

And my response back to Pawlenty (Bob Rumson) is from Democratic President Andrew Shepherd - in the movie – “The American President
“We have serious problems to solve, and we need serious people to solve them. And whatever your particular problem is, I promise you, Bob Rumson is not the least bit interested in solving it. He is interested in two things and two things only: making you afraid of it and telling you who's to blame for it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you win elections.
We've got serious problems, and we need serious people, and if you want to talk about character, Bob, you'd better come at me with more than a burning flag and a membership card. If you want to talk about character and American values, fine. Just tell me where and when, and I'll show up. This is a time for serious people, Bob, and your fifteen minutes are up. My name is Andrew Shepherd, and I *am* the President.”

WI Recall Elections - Voting Info

Please do not use it as your only source of voting information

From the Capital Times – Madison, WI

Forget about voting in the July 12 recall elections if you move to Wisconsin after June 14.

Under a proof-of-residency provision in the voter ID bill passed this week by the state Legislature, voters will now need to live in the state 28 days before an election -- instead of 10 -- in order to cast a ballot.

First-time voters, however, whose names do not appear on a voter log, must prove they have lived at their current residency for 28 days. Additionally, the voter ID bill no longer will allow neighbors to vouch for one another or for parents to vouch for voting-age children who live in their home.

Those voting absentee for the July recall elections will need to have their ballots mailed or hand delivered by July 8 to their municipal clerk.

But voters can vote in the recall elections without a photo ID. Through what's known as a soft implementation of the bill, poll workers will ask voters in July to show a photo ID. If voters don't have one, they will be reminded that they will be turned away the next time without proper identification.

The spring elections, which include the presidential primary, will be the first election that state voters must show a voter ID in order to cast a ballot.

Something in the back of my head tells me you better have written proof of this when you go to the polls - cause you never know who is going to be turning people away.

Is Wisconsin planning  for some type of  "poll watcher / advisor" at all locations to make sure they don't turn eligible voters away when they shouldn't be?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Huntsman (UT) - We value ALEC's Expertise

Rich States Poor States - 2nd Edition 2009

Blackburn (R-TN) - ALEC Alumni

July 13, 2007 Meeting cosponsored by ALEC and The Heritage Foundation.
Panel Participants: ALEC’s Director of the Health and Human Services Task Force, Christie Raniszewski Herrera, Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, Maryland Delegate Adelaide Eckardt, and The Heritage Foundation’s Nina Owcharenko.

2009 States & Nation Policy Summit KeyNote Speakers
Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour
Congressman Marsha Blackburn (TN)

Contributions recorded from ONLY 6 of the ALEC corporations include:

Grand Total

Election Cycle
ALEC Board

Blackburn, Marsha (R-TN)

Blackburn, Marsha (R-TN)

Blackburn, Marsha (R-TN)

Blackburn, Marsha (R-TN)

Blackburn, Marsha (R-TN)

Blackburn, Marsha (R-TN)

Blackburn, Marsha (R-TN)

Blackburn, Marsha (R-TN)

Blackburn, Marsha (R-TN)

Blackburn, Marsha (R-TN)

In 2009 - 2010 alone – Marsha Blackburn accepted PAC money from 4 of ONLY 6 ALEC PAC’s that were researched.  IF you want – I will do a full report on her PAC money from ALEC corporations and I am sure you will not want to see the results.  She has accepted money from the KOCH's every year that is reported above.

There are consequences for every choice we make in life.
Marsha Blackburn has chosen to be a long-term representative for ALEC.
Marsha Blackburn has chosen to keep PAC money donated to her by Koch.

Marsha Blackburn has chosen to be “the face” of ALEC – doing presentations at an event sponsored by ALEC and the Heritage Foundation and  Marsha Blackburn has been a keynote speaker at the States and Nations Summit which is a three day conference to indoctrinate newly-elected and freshman state legislators to ALEC through the use of intensive educational sessions – aka brainwashing.

ALEC has four main goals that promote their corporate driven - “free-market”, limited government philosophy
ü      Privatize government services
ü      Sell-off government property to private companies/investors
ü      Privatize public school systems
ü      Deregulation for corporate sector members

ALEC does not care how the ordinary private citizen is destroyed due to ALEC's actions – their only focus is benefits for the corporate sector including, but not limited to, David and Charles Koch.

ALEC – through the use of “Model Legislation” has destroyed the very fabric of our country by denigrating the concept of representative government and replacing it with government "by the corporations and for the corporations".
Marsha Blackburn knows this.

Marsh Blackburn has chosen to be an integral and long-term participant and representative of ALEC.

Marsha Blackburn must NOT be re-elected.

Marsha Blackburn has made her choice to belong to ALEC for many years.
She does not regret the choice to belong to ALEC.
She made her choice – she has stood proudly by her choice to belong to ALEC.

NOW the people of TN can make the choice
to NOT re-elect Marsha Blackburn to the US House of Representatives.

Do not re-elect Marsha Blackburn for US House of Representatives.

Every single person in this world is judged by the company we keep.
So be it for Marsha Blackburn.

ALEC Keynote Speakers - Creating Focus, Forwarding ALEC Agenda

Direct Quote
When your audience takes their seats they are far from focused.

To accomplish the goals of your event, you must have them of one mind: open, ready to learn and then to act in a way to forwards your agenda.

This is the job of the keynote speaker.

A great keynote speaker sets the tone for your meeting and creates an audience of a single mind.

The right keynote can positively influence your audience for the entire event and beyond, when they return to the office.
End of Direct Quote

States & Nation Policy Summit
The States and Nation Policy Summit introduces the ALEC agenda to newly-elected and freshman state legislators for a three-day conference of intensive brainwashing educational sessions addressing issues that will be at the top of their legislative agendas the following year.

Spring Task Force Summit
The Summit is an intensive three-day meeting of ALEC’s task force members, designed to keep members abreast of new developments in the states, and includes Task Force meetings, hearings on pressing issues, and plenary meal sessions with policy discussions, presentations and brainwashing education.

The ALEC Annual Meeting
The ALEC Annual Meeting has grown to become one of the nation’s most prestigious state level conferences, and has been described as the “largest brainwashing educational gathering of conservatives held each year.” Nearly 2,000 state legislators, business executives, and public policy experts gather for four days to discuss the issues and develop policy.

Who have been the Keynote speakers for ALEC events?
ü      Who has helped ALEC members “create a single mind”
ü      Who has helped ALEC “accomplish the goals of their event?”
ü      Who has helped ALEC “forward their agenda”?

2001 28th Annual Meeting
US Attorney General John Ashcroft
Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson
Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne
Florida House Speaker Tom Feeney
Urban Development Secretary Mel Martinez
Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham
Professor Jonathan Turley of the George Washington School of Law
Sean Hannity of the FOX News Channel
Sam Beard, Commissioner of the President’s Social Security Commission.

2001 States and Nation Policy Summit
…began with a White House Briefing from President George W. Bush and senior administration members, including Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge (a former Pennsylvania governor),White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card and White House Intergovernmental Affairs Director Ruben Barrales.
Secretary of Commerce Don Evans,
Kentucky Senate President David Williams
Lieutenant General Russell Davis, chief of the National Guard Bureau

2001 The Task Force Summit
Jerry Taylor of the Cato Institute
Gisele Huff, Executive Director of the Jaquelin Hume Foundation

2002 Annual Meeting
Education Secretary Rod Paige
Labor Secretary Elaine Chao
Housing and Urban Development Secretary Mel Martinez
Congressman Mark Green, ALEC Alumni Chairman
Florida Governor Jeb Bush
Florida’s Speaker of the House Tom Feeney.

2002 States and Nation Policy Summit
U.S. Senator Don Nickles
Nationally syndicated columnist Robert Novak

One of the key highlights of the meeting was a briefing by President George W. Bush on homeland security and the situation in Iraq. During the briefing at the White House, U.S. Secretary of Education Rod Paige and Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge joined President Bush in offering remarks.

2002 Spring Task Force Summit
Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson
FOX News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly
Author of the New York Times best seller “Bias,” Bernard Goldberg

Vice President Richard Cheney
U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge
U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Larry Hereth, Director of Port Security
Washington, D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams
Colorado Governor Bill Owens
Colorado Senate President John Andrews
The Honorable J.C. Watts

2003 States and Nation Policy Summit
U.S. Senator Jon Kyl
Attorney General John Ashcroft

2006 States and Nation Policy Summit
Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters
Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Wade Horn
Clint Bolick of the Arizona-based Alliance for School Choice
Paul Driessen, senior fellow with the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow.

2007 ALEC’s 34th Annual Meeting
Among the many highlights of ALEC’s 34th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia this summer was a surprise visit by President George W. Bush. The president was warmly welcomed by ALEC members Thursday morning, who reserved their loudest applause for his promise to veto any tax increase Congress sends him. The president was preceded by The Honorable Dick Armey and introduced by Texas Congressman Kenny Marchant.

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee
Former Tennessee senator, Fred Thompson,
Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich,
Neil Cavuto of FOX News.
John Fund of the Wall Street Journal

2007 States & Nation Policy Summit
U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn
Former House of Representatives Majority Leader, Rep. Richard Gephardt
Sandy K. Baruah, Assistant U.S. Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development
Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal
Renowned economist Dr. Arthur Laffer
ALEC Alumnus, New Jersey Congressman Scott Garrett.

2007 Spring Task Force Summit
U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao
South Carolina Lt. GovernorAndré Bauer
Victor Schwartz of Shook, Hardy, and

2008 - 35th Annual Meeting
…members also viewed a video message from President George W. Bush
U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey
Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty,
Doug McMillon, President and CEO of Sam’s Club
Dr. Richard Vedder, a Distinguished Professor of Economics at Ohio University,
The Honorable Dick Armey
Christopher Manning, of Manning & Sossamon
U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters
Former U.S. Senator George Allen
Professor Clayton Christensen of Harvard’s Business School,

2008 ALEC Task Force Summit
Jonathan Williams of the Tax Foundation
Steve Stanek of the Heartland Institute
Bob Williams of the Evergreen Foundation
Dr. Richard Vedder of The Ohio University
Gordon Reel of Enterprise discussing the targeting of tax revenue on the rent-a-car industry.
Senior Vice President for Wal-Mart Stores, Dr. John Agwunobi who previously served as the Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Stuart Rothenberg, editor and publisher of The Rothenberg Political Report
Dr. Jan R. van Lohuizen, President of Voter/Consumer Research
ALEC Private Enterprise Board member Jim Epperson, President of AT&T Texas

2008 States & Nation Policy Summit,
Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels
Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich
Syndicated columnist Amity Shlaes
U.S. Rep. Mary Fallin (OK)
U.S. Rep. Tom Price (GA)

2009 - 36th Annual Meeting
Former U.S. Senator and Georgia Governor Zell Miller
Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich
Dr. Art Laffer and Stephen Moore, co-authors of ALEC’s Rich States, Poor States, syndicated Radio host Herman Cain
Pete Coors
Daniel Hannan (MEP)

2009 States and Nation Policy Summit
U.S. House of Representatives Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH)

2009 States & Nation Policy Summit,
Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour
Congressman Marsha Blackburn (TN)
Kimball Rasmussen, CEO of Desert Power
Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, producers of the environmental film “Not Evil, Just Wrong.”

2010 - 37th Annual Meeting
Texas Gov. Rick Perry
Scott Rasmussen, founder and president of Rasmussen Reports
John Fund of  The Wall Street Journal
Asm. Nathan Fletcher (CA)
Former Sen. Norm Coleman (MN)
Randall Stephenson, president and CEO of AT&T
Greg Babe, president and CEO of Bayer Corporation
Lynn Salo, president of Allergan Medical US Breast Aesthetics Division

(I will update this entry as I find more information.)

If you don’t know what ALEC is – you should
please read this, or this, or this, or this, or this.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

ALEVE for Long-term Arthritis? Maybe Not.

There’s an ad that keeps coming on TV that bothers me every time I see it.
It’s about a working woman who has arthritis and is encouraged to take ALEVE® to reduce her arthritis pain.

The reason that this ad irritates me is because
  1. This woman experiences pain while she is working
  2. The woman is definitely not 25 years old.
  3. The assumption can be made that this woman appears to work every day.
  4. The assumption can be made that she will be working long-term.
  5. The assumption is you can take ALEVE® long-term.
  6. ALEVE® is not mean to be taken long-term, unless directed by a doctor.
  7. Some people who have arthritis need to be aware of two issues associated with ALEVE®.
On the ALEVE webpage you will easily find the following information:
If you have arthritis pain* and find it difficult to open bottles, ALEVE® Easy Open Arthritis Cap with Soft Grip™ is perfect for you!
Asterisk * = minor arthritis pain     Use as directed

ALEVE® Dosage:  Do not take longer than 10 consecutive days for pain or 3 days for fever, unless directed by a doctor.

ALEVE® Labeling Information and Usage
ALEVE® can interact with some blood pressure medications, so talk to your doctor or pharmacist to determine whether ALEVE® is appropriate for you.

On the ALEVE® web page if you click on the Healthcare Professionals Tab’ you will be redirected to a webpage that has a popup that states the site is for healthcare professionals only – which may deter some people, but not me. 

There you will find this statement
For the short-term treatment of mild to moderate osteoarthritis (OA) pain,

“NIH researchers halted the survey after finding people who took naproxen were 50 percent more likely to have heart attacks or strokes.

The FDA urged users to contact their doctors and to avoid taking the drug for longer than 10 days.”

Revised cardiovascular warning
"When using this product the risk of heart attack or stroke may increase if you use more than directed or for longer than directed"

And on the ALEVE® packaging you will find this warning (which is also on the FDA website)
“This product contains an NSAID which may cause severe stomach bleeding.  The chance is higher if you are over the age of 60…

For those of us that aren’t 20 years old anymore –
these two items are worth noting.

“unless directed by a doctor”
How many people see a doctor before taking an over the counter drug?

And that’s my two cents for today.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Are you ready for the rapture?

Well there’s a bunch of thumpers that are getting ready for the rapture tomorrow.

Being a heathen agnostic – I don’t pay attention to this kind of stuff – but I wanted to take a moment

to wish them the best,
have a nice trip and
hope that all your dreams are fulfilled.

“So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu
Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu”

Bye, Bye.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

For your watching enjoyment...

Add a smile to your day!
Click the play button.

Summer is Here - Boycott Johnsonville Brats!

Before you throw that brat on the grill this summer -

Remember Johnsonville Brats supported Scott Walker.

Republican Politicians - Go Screw Yourself!

When we should be talking about the economy – we’re talking about sex.
When we should be talking about job creation – we’re talking about sex.
When we should be talking about taking care of veterans – we’re talking about sex.
When we should be talking about energy conservation – we’re talking about sex.
When we should be concentrating on destroying ALEC – we’re talking about sex.

God forbid – we should talk about the REAL ISSUES affecting this country right now – we have to talk about sex!

It irritates me to the very soul of my existence that most radio and TV personalities give only lip service to ALEC - five minutes here – ten minutes there - to an organization that is destroying our democratic process.  Who cares – let’s talk about sex, let’s spend hours and hours and hours talking about sex!

Well, yesterday Thom Hartmann ventured the question –
Why do Republican politicans who screw around on their wives end up with no or very little damage done to their professional career – while Democrats crash and burn and go into oblivion.
·     Why can Newt screw around and divorce his wife who had breast cancer and emerge a Presidential candidate while John Edwards fades off into oblivion?
·    Why can Newt literally screw a staffer at the very same time he is indicting Clinton for extra-marital affairs and Newt ends up a Presidential candidate?
·    Why does Vitter receive a standing ovation – by his Republican cronies – after he admitted to cheating on his wife - being with a prostitute (which by the way is also breaking the law) and Colorado Senator Gary Hart vanishes into obscurity?

We need to talk about sex today –
Why does this happen?
          Republican politicians continue their path to greatness and
          Dems end up in the trash heap for the most part
          – for doing the exact same thing.

Well – (overgeneralization coming here) for the most part, Dems know what they did is wrong and they are embarrassed and they choose to withdraw from the public eye.  Somebody literally tells them - what you did is wrong - Bad Boy!  And they cower off into non-existence.

Republican politicians on the other hand - (overgeneralization coming here) consider women as worthless pieces of meat – with no inherent rights, chattel, - having sex outside the marriage is no difference than humping a tree stump - maybe having sex within the marriage is no different than humping a stump - who knows.  
Republican politicians are GODS - to be honored and obeyed.
   They get standing ovations for screwing around -
       BRAVO - you have shown the world your virility -BRAVO!
   Beat your chest and look high into the sky and let out a primordial scream -
      Oh, Republican politician - you are a manly man
       - you know how to screw everyone!

Why would I say that?  Well take a look at John Ensign - his actions can be construed as nothing other than rape and extortion, and his Republican buddies (all of them – don’t kid yourself, they all knew about this) stood right beside him and tried to make this just go away.  And based on what I have read – this Ensign situation is pretty close to being what I would consider – “forcible rape” – but I consider all rapes forcible.  But then the Republicans can’t distinguish between “rape” and “forcible rape” – because they’ve never been screwed.

In addition, you have the Republican "Femicide Agenda" - to see how many women they can kill by defunding Planned Parenthood - an organization that  provides nearly one million Pap tests and more than 850,000 breast exams each year, critical services in detecting cancer.  Mitch Daniel - presidential maybe - was the first to lead the charge on this front - and the Republicans want him to be our President. 

Well it’s time for the Republicans to get screwed.
If you can’t find a tree stump – go screw yourself!
And that’s my two cents today.

Talking about skirting the REAL ISSUES of our country
San Francisco is trying to ban circumcision – WTF?

Where’s the Jobs?