Thursday, May 12, 2011

Register for the ALEC Annual Meeting

It appears they are letting "non-members" attend.  I don't remember a non-member registration in the past - but I could be wrong.
Wonder how the program has changed?

Looks like they are brainwashing the kids too.

Oh, fun....

Press Policy
Staff reporters employed by accredited news organizations attending the meeting for the purpose of editorial coverage will be granted complimentary media credentials.  Credentials will not be extended to those in management, public relations, or marketing departments.  Registered media are required to wear ALEC media badges at all times while on-site.  Media are invited to all major plenary sessions and workshop educational sessions at the Annual Meeting.

Online media registration for the Annual Meeting is NOW OPEN. Click here to register.

Wonder what qualifies for "accredited news organzation" - FOX????

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