Monday, May 23, 2011

WI Recall Elections - Voting Info

Please do not use it as your only source of voting information

From the Capital Times – Madison, WI

Forget about voting in the July 12 recall elections if you move to Wisconsin after June 14.

Under a proof-of-residency provision in the voter ID bill passed this week by the state Legislature, voters will now need to live in the state 28 days before an election -- instead of 10 -- in order to cast a ballot.

First-time voters, however, whose names do not appear on a voter log, must prove they have lived at their current residency for 28 days. Additionally, the voter ID bill no longer will allow neighbors to vouch for one another or for parents to vouch for voting-age children who live in their home.

Those voting absentee for the July recall elections will need to have their ballots mailed or hand delivered by July 8 to their municipal clerk.

But voters can vote in the recall elections without a photo ID. Through what's known as a soft implementation of the bill, poll workers will ask voters in July to show a photo ID. If voters don't have one, they will be reminded that they will be turned away the next time without proper identification.

The spring elections, which include the presidential primary, will be the first election that state voters must show a voter ID in order to cast a ballot.

Something in the back of my head tells me you better have written proof of this when you go to the polls - cause you never know who is going to be turning people away.

Is Wisconsin planning  for some type of  "poll watcher / advisor" at all locations to make sure they don't turn eligible voters away when they shouldn't be?

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