Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ALEC on O'Donnell Last Night - Action Request

If you missed the segment on O'Donnell last night about ALEC , the link to the segment is in his name..

On that program is mention of a new report on ALEC (which I just downloaded and read) which is quite good and worth printing and handing out to every person you know.  You can download the entire report on the right side of the PFAW web page that the report is on ("download the full report" is just above the US map).

Print it - carry it with you every where you go and tell people about ALEC and hand them this report.

Very few people know about ALEC -
Please do not assume other people know about ALEC.

Email people you know the link to the clip from O'Donnell and
email them the report - people have to learn about ALEC. 

We need to "educate" everyone,
just like ALEC "educates" legislators.

Reading blogs and then doing nothing - does not get rid of ALEC.

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