Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This is Not Needed - Contact Congress Today and say NO!

This is an action moment, folks - you need to take action!
Say NO!!! to Section 1034 of the NDAA.

This New York Times Editorial is a must read - in  full - open the link of the new bill

My request to you is that you send an email or phone your US Congress person and tell them this is not needed.  Legal description is Section 1034 of the National Defense Authorization Act.

"It would allow military attacks against not just Al Qaeda and the Taliban but also any “associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States.”

It allows the president to detain “belligerents” until the “termination of hostilities,” presumably at a camp like the one in Guantánamo Bay

These powers are not needed, for current threats, or any other threat. President Obama has not asked for them..."

The Authorization for Use of Military Force,
Any time - any where - against any one
globally OR domestically
without the approval of Congress.

Let me see -
didn't these dimwit Republicans study the constitution at the beginning of this session?

See the ACLU site for more information.  At the very bottom of the article is a link to send your representative a message that you oppose this amendment 1034 (it is hidden inside 1,000 page defense bill.)

As you read the article and remember the sentences noted above - remember that ALEC is trying to get an ALEC member in the White House.
Past ALEC "Model Legislation" introduced in many states by ALEC members
refers to protestors as "terrorists".
Past ALEC magazine articles refer to protestors as "terrorists".
Something to think about.

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