Sunday, September 28, 2014

ALEC Influence - Hidden Behind the Curtain

Many times over the past 4 years we have seen articles and blog entries that stated that a governor was beholding to the Koch’s or they were passing legislation by ALEC, or were acting like an ALECer, but we could never connect them directly to ALEC.

Reason being is that many of them were not legislators before they became governor, so they didn’t have a chance to be a documented ALEC member, or in ALEC tradition, their membership was hidden from view.

But - - sometimes you will find ALEC hiding behind the curtain –

Within the last month – the following connections have been made by me and fellow researchers and I thought you should know about them

Richard Bagger to NJ Gov Christie
Republican Governor Chris Christie's Chief of Staff, Richard Bagger  2009 - 2012
Currently – a Commissioner on the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
               Served on the ALEC's Private Enterprise Board between 2001 and 2004
Keith Gardner to NM Gov Susanna Martinez
Chief of Staff
Keith Gardner is Governor Susana Martinez's chief of staff which makes him one of the most powerful men in New Mexico.”
               ALEC member

Art Pope to  NC Gov McCrory
Gov.-elect Pat McCrory expanded his cabinet selections by three on Thursday, and named a trio of key staffers that includes controversial political financier Art Pope.
                ALEC member

John Thrasher to FL Gov Scott
"I want to thank Sen. Thrasher for agreeing to be chairman of my re-election campaign," Scott said. "He has been a trusted adviser throughout my first term, and will be a key supporter in my campaign for a second term."
                American Legislative Exchange Council Legislator of the Year 1998
                Previous to his time as a legislative member – he was a lobbyist for 
                ALEC member Southern Strategy Group
Chris Atkins to IN Gov Pence
Pence made his first significant policy hire, bring­ing on Chris Atkins as his policy director.
                Atkins was director of tax and fiscal policy at the
                American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)    
                June 2001 – August 2004 (3 years 3 months)

Dick Posthumus to MI Gov Rick Snyder
On 8 November 2010, Governor-elect Rick Snyder named Posthumus to be his senior adviser and legislative lobbyist.
                2001 - Listed as an ALEC "Leader in the States"
                ALEC Board of Directors 1992 - 1996
                ALEC National Chairman Dick Posthumus  1993- 1994

ALEC influence is sometimes hidden - like many things ALEC - behind a veil of secrecy.  
Never publicly acknowledged - left for citizen researchers and journalists to expose.

Monday, September 22, 2014

ALEC HQ Misleads America with Google Presser

Such good news today with Google kicking ALEC to the curb

Was out having a drink - celebrating the good news of the day and my birthday and I come home to this!
The day dampened by an ALEC presser that - - - again - - -  misleads people.

This presser is a demonstration why we HAVE TO HAVE people monitoring what happens at ALEC meetings – cause without it – the lies they tell will believed as truth.

Arlington, Virginia (September 22, 2014) — CEO Lisa B. Nelson issued the following statement:
 “It is unfortunate to learn Google has ended its membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council as a result of public pressure from left-leaning individuals and organizations who intentionally confuse free market policy perspectives for climate change denial.
REMINDER:  The freemarket can not exist while ALEC legislators intentionally and maliciously manipulate the market using corporate written legislation.
The true free market exists when the market reacts to CONSUMERS who make their will known to corporations – and that is exactly what happened in this instance.
ALEC doesn't defend the freemarket - ALEC manipulates the freemarket to enhance corporate profit.

It doesn't matter how many times ALEC yells - "Look - there's a squirrel over there." - and screams "left leaning groups", every action ALEC takes,  all belongs to ALEC, ALEC owns it!
In relation to that
ALEC doesn't even have their side of their aisle behind them - they are extremists.
Tea Partier blogs (bless their ignorant little souls) think ALEC is an offshoot of the Democratic party.
The John Birch Society even thinks ALEC is not that Smart.
“At our recent Annual Meeting in Dallas, we were pleased to host a roundtable conversation between a variety of companies—including Google—regarding renewable energy deployment and climate change. The conversations held in Dallas were intended to build understanding and pioneer future policy approaches where organizations could find common ground on issues of climate change, energy generation and government mandates. And, I personally intend to continue this work."
This time around, Taylor, D-Madison, attended a subcommittee on how to “think and talk about climate change” and an environmental discussion that featured a speaker representing tech firms Google, eBay, Facebook and Yahoo.
Taylor said the representative told the “coal is king” ALEC crowd that they needed to create more policies favorable to renewable energy. The representative spoke of the need for these companies to build large datacenters that use a lot of power to operate.
Taylor said some attendees asked how the companies explain this choice to their shareholders, while others asked why they should support subsidized energy like wind and solar.
Taylor said the attendees were told coal and oil is also subsidized and shareholders are told the use of renewable energy is a better long-term financial option that is increasingly popular with customers.
At the end of the presentation, the energy giants thanked him, praised his attendance, and peed in the corners.
This was coal country, and no Internet guy was going to tell them otherwise.
So they started their anti-renewable litany of objections:
  • Renewables aren't economical (Internet guy responded that they are economical);
  • Renewables exist because of subsidies (Internet guy responded that all energy is subsidized);
  • And net metering is terrible (Internet guy responded that though they don't use net metering, they have encouraged renewables).
So much for progress.
By the end of the day, any hope for a reasonable dialogue around renewable energy had totally evaporated.
Back to the ALEC statement
“In the case of energy generation, ALEC believes renewable energy should expand based on consumer demand, not as a result of a government mandate"
This sentence was written and released just over 24 hours after 400,000 CONSUMERS marched through the streets of New York City to wake up the leaders of the world

not a corporate controlled ALEC meeting
ALEC and its members are so removed from anything other than themselves - they can't even see the fossil fuel polluted forest for the ALEC decimated dying trees.
"Many misunderstand the American Legislative Exchange Council and its legislator-led, free market priorities."
Legislator led free market priorities
The priorities are determined by Corporate entities.
as demonstrated
and HERE
and HERE
and HERE  pp 84-90
“ALEC believes in freedom of speech and opinion."

"However, ALEC and its members will continue to advance limited government, free markets and federalism through dialogue, debate and model policy formulation."

Which really means
However, ALEC and its CORPORATE members, will advance CORPORATE process with legislation written by corporations “to advance limited government, free markets and federalism”

The ALEC model of governance is a threat to the United States of America and to the nations of the world – who have delegates attending ALEC meetings.  
ALEC knows it is a threat that is why they continue to make decisions in secret - behind closed doors and mislead the public with statements as shown above.

ALEC is one nasty, evil organization.
ALEC hates the control of the Federal government.
ALEC hates control at the local level.
ALEC members only want evil ALEC state legislative members to have control.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

ALEC Member Oped Misleads Montana

Oh – my –
I get so, so tired of ALEC members and staff misleading the public.
Think about it – IF ALEC was  - - an honorable organization,
   the members would not need to mislead others.

Today it is an OpEd written by the state chair in Montana.
Sen. Roger Webb
ALEC public sector state chair for Montana

And it’s a doozy when it comes to misleading the public.

A recent letter suggested that new voting laws in Montana come from the American Legislative Exchange Council, a group of which I am a member. This assertion is incorrect, and I'd like to explain the actual focus of the organization.

Nice lead-in for an OpEd that is full of incorrect assertions.

The American Legislative Exchange Council is a nonprofit membership organization that brings together state legislators, policy analysts and members of the business community to share ideas and create draft model solutions to issues facing the states. ALEC members are guided by the principles of limited government, free markets and federalism, and the issues ALEC members work on and the model policies they create are all on the ALEC website for anyone to see.

“the issues ALEC members work on and the model policies they create are all on the ALEC website for anyone to see.”
No – they are not
And readers should remember this, from 2013 - from ALEC - -

Only ALEC legislative members can introduce draft model policy, and after the discussions are had and the votes are taken, only the 23-member ALEC Board of Legislators can approve what model policy the organization adopts. ALEC is guided by legislators, just as members are guided by the principles of limited government, free markets and federalism.

“Only ALEC legislative members can introduce draft model policy,”
Nice play on words
 - - -he doesn’t specifically say
“Only ALEC legislative members can WRITE draft model policy,”
In fact corporations and right-wing stink tanks still write the majority of the legislation for ALEC meetings and then give it a ALEC member to “introduce”

As noted in a 2013 article on this issue
“This change is intended to preserve and protect the unique and valuable nature of our public-private partnership,” Bowman wrote. “Private-sector members are free to work with legislators to introduce, draft, model policy.”

Nowhere on the website will you find any model policy or research relating to voting rights.

Because ALEC intentionally does not include the policy or research on their webpage.
ALEC intentionally misleads the public.
But you CAN find the model legislation

As a state legislator, it is my job to be informed as well as to inform others. I'm a member of ALEC because I want to learn how to better solve the problems in my state, and I want to share with others what's working here at home. I encourage every Montanan to visit the ALEC website to see for yourself the work ALEC members have thoughtfully drafted.

“I encourage every Montanan to visit the ALEC website”
Should be followed up with
BUT I DON’T “encourage every Montanan to ATTEND an ALEC meeting”
because ALEC is NOT that DEMOCRATIC, 
cause even it you were to attend, 
you would be barred from attending the meetings where corporate and right-wing stink-tank legislation is introduced by willing legislators.

ALEC is one nasty, evil organization.
ALEC hates the control of the Federal government.
ALEC hates control at the local level.
They only want evil, fascist ALEC state legislative members to have control.

Its why they refer to STATES rights
It's why they are concerned with STATE sovereignty.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Asset Forfeiture - Connecting the Dots to ALEC

Four things hit my attention today that reminded me of more ALEC state nastiness that most people wouldn’t be aware of.

Like most times when pulling this together, I will rely on the actual words of ALEC, rather than summarizing them for the reader.  I do this because I want you to see the actual ALEC’s nastiness and not me just reinterpreting on what could be ALEC nastiness.

This entry really ended up morphing into two topics.
   The EVIL of ALEC at the state and federal level.
   And subsequently
   The new EVIL of ALEC at the local – municipal – level.

A recent article that was precipitated by the recent incidents in Ferguson Missouri

Which made me think of this - - -
an old petition:
End policing for profit in Minnesota

In Minnesota every year, law enforcement agents seize millions of dollars from people during traffic stops, simply by asserting that the money is connected to some illegal drug activity. Frequently officers don’t have a warrant and never get a conviction of criminal charges.

Innocent Minnesotans should not lose their property through civil forfeiture.

Asset seizures often disproportionately impact those who can afford it least—low-income African-American or Latino people whom the police decide look suspicious and for whom the challenge of trying to get property back is often prohibitively expensive.

ACT NOW: End policing for profit in Minnesota.

Which made me think of this - - -
(my emphasis)
the most comprehensive national study to examine the use and abuse of civil asset forfeiture and the first study to grade the civil forfeiture laws of all 50 states and the federal government.

However, in most places, owners bear the burden of establishing their innocence. In other words, with civil forfeiture, property owners are effectively guilty until proven innocent.

In 2008, for the first time in history, the U.S. Department of Justice’s Assets Forfeiture Fund (AFF) held more than $1 billion in net assets—

State data reveal that state and local law enforcement also use forfeiture extensively: From 2001 to 2002, currency forfeitures alone in just nine states totaled more than $70 million.
Imagine being pulled over and a law enforcement officer decides to take your car, cash or other personal property. The officer claims that he has probable cause to believe not necessarily that you are guilty of any illegal conduct but that your property was used to facilitate illegal activity. Perhaps the officer thinks you are carrying a larger-than-normal amount of cash or that your travel pattern is “suspicious.”

Once your property is taken, the government will—perhaps—send you a notice letting you know that the burden is on you to try to get your property back. If you do not respond within the right time frame and in the proper manner, law enforcement automatically gets to keep your seized property. 
In 1984, Congress amended portions of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse and Prevention Act of 1970 to create the Assets Forfeiture Fund, into the most troubling aspect of modern civil forfeiture laws is the profit incentive at their core.

After the 1984 amendments, federal agencies were able to retain and spend forfeiture proceeds—subject only to very loose restrictions—giving them a direct financial stake in generating forfeiture funds.

1984 Ronald Regan was the President of the United States.
1984 US Attorney General was William French Smith

From the 1984 ALEC Annual Meeting program:
and (my emphasis)
Though President Reagan's schedule makes it impossible for him to be with you, I want you to know that he personally salutes your achievements and completely shares in the spirit of your celebration.
Faith Ryan Whittlesey, Assistant to the President for Public Liaison

While I will be unable to attend the Eleventh Annual Meeting personally, I want to again express to you and your fellow ALEC legislators my appreciation for your continued interest in judicial reform issues. While President Reagan has taken the initiative in proposing criminal justice reforms at the Federal level, many ALEC legislators have been in the forefront of enacting these same reforms at the state level. Your seminars and publications on these issues have been an excellent reference for many. Best wishes for a successful convention.
William French Smith, Attorney General

At that same annual meeting you have this –
12:30-pm Lunch
Speaker: J. Kenneth Cribb, Jr, Assistant Counselor to the President 
"The Reagan Administration and Criminal justice"
Which brought me to this 
– from two years earlier

ALEC State Factor newsletter distributed to all their members- including Congressional Alumni and Federal Government agency employees who were sympathetic to ALEC governance preferences:
    second part of a three-part study series 
One very ingenious method of raising revenue is to enact a "forfeiture of assets" amendment to state criminal justice statutes. Simply stated, forfeiture is a proven method for law enforcement agents to confiscate and sell at auction the goods and commodities traceable to a criminal activity. The genius of a forfeiture amendment is that it does not directly involve an alleged offender; law enforcement officers do not have to prove that a person engaged in a criminal activity. Instead, forfeiture simply requires authorities to prove "more likely than not" (not "beyond a reasonable doubt") that a good or commodity was acquired because of a criminal activity. The key to that distinction is writing the forfeiture statute as part of civil law rather than criminal law. Authorities must still demonstrate "probable cause," but the burden of proof (mentioned above) is somewhat lighter.

Similiarly, [sic] Arizona and Florida officials were able to raise a combined $175 million after eighteen months' enforcement of state pornography-related forfeiture laws.
The forfeiture [sic] statute allows authorities to confiscate and sell boats, cars, equipment, bank accounts, houses, and any other item

Collectively, a mass confiscation of all these items can be worth billions of dollars. …for resale purposes;   Most of the items can be sold for widespread purposes.
How do we know if this would have moved to the state level without ALEC?
We don’t.
But - being that Florida and Arizona were involved initially - it's a pretty good guess. Historically, these states have brought lots of nastiness to ALEC to pass around the country.
But with the hidden, secret influence ALEC has held over state legislature for the past 40 years – it is fair to believe that the state enactment of forfeiture laws can be directly tied to ALEC.

Seizure – without process on probable cause

Chicago Annual meeting, Criminal Justice Task Force meeting
The Cato Institute's noted constitutional scholar, Roger Pilon, will be discussing the Constitutional merits of ALEC's asset forfeiture legislation.
Constitutional merits of ALEC's asset forfeiture legislation - WTH?

Enactment of the  
Comprehensive Asset Forfeiture Act - part deux– which was “Reforming ALEC’s existing model bill” 
Adopted by ALEC Criminal Justice Task Force at the States and Nation Policy Summit December 9, 1999.  Approved by the full ALEC Board of Directors January, 2000.

2011 Annual Meeting in NOLA – Public Safety and Elections TaskForce meeting
(my emphasis)
    ALEC has passed policy on civil asset forfeiture and will consider a motion 
    to repeal the current model and replace it with an extended version.
“Asset Forfeiture Process and Private Property Protection Act”
Mr. Lee McGrath, Institute for Justice
To replace “ALEC Comprehensive Asset Forfeiture Act” (2000) 
Importantly, this model does not change the authority of law enforcement to seize property suspected of being associated with crime or limit in any way prosecutors’ ability to charge and prosecute suspected criminals. Moreover, it ensures that those individuals proven guilty of a crime do not keep the fruits of their crime. In doing so, it strikes the right balance between the individual property rights and public safety. 
Later in 2011
November  - Public Safety and Elections Task Force Agenda and minutes
The Subcommittee will consider policies and hold an advisory vote on civil asset forfeiture and transparency in criminal law.
Motion to repeal existing “Comprehensive Asset Forfeiture Act”; failed the public sector; Motion Failed.  Motion to table the “Asset Forfeiture and Private Property Protection Act”; passed the public sector; passed the private sector; Bill Tabled.

The same guy that introduced the repeal of the
Comprehensive Asset Forfeiture Act”;
which failed the public sector; Motion Failed. 
In 2011

Wrote this to ALEC members in the:
2012 Inside ALEC | February
Civil forfeiture is one of the most serious assaults on property rights in America today. With civil forfeiture— unlike criminal forfeiture—law enforcement in most states can take your property without even so much as charging you with a crime, let alone convicting you of one.

ALEC adopted new model forfeiture policy in January.
ALEC’s Asset Forfeiture Process and Private Property Protection
Act does the following three important things:
1. It ends civil forfeiture and replaces it with criminal forfeiture;
  (under civil forfeiture, owners need not be convicted of any crime
  to lose homes, cars, businesses, cash or other property.)
2. It requires all forfeiture proceeds to be deposited in the state
treasury and does not allow them to supplement the budgets
of local law enforcement; and
3. It shifts the burden to the state to prove that someone whose
property has been seized and claims to be an innocent owner
did not have actual knowledge of the crime committed by
someone else with their property.
ALEC’s model policy allows law enforcement to hold seized property for investigatory reasons

Proceeds to states from forfeiture now exceed $500 million per year. In only eight states are the proceeds from forfeitures under state law deposited in the state’s general treasury. In the other 42 states, local law enforcement gets at least half of the proceeds including 26 states where 100 percent of the proceeds supplement the budgets of the law enforcement agencies

The potential for abuse is rooted in this potential to make money. 
As documented in legal cases found in the past and recent press (for reasons other than the topic of this entry) – potential of abuse – for monetary gain - can extend to state legislative members of the American Legislative Exchange.

Which made me think of this - - - 
ALEC's Hatred of Municipal Money

As noted above in the 2012 article, the ALEC adopted new model forfeiture policy included:
     “to be deposited in the state treasury
     does not allow them to supplement the budgets
     of local law enforcement”
Think about that!
ALEC hates local control.
So in ALEC states where this new version of the forfeiture policy passes
they will basically be telling municipalities:
Turn over what you seize to the ALEC state legislature.

     It’s the money to the cities
     It’s the ordinances
     It the fines that they collect that they get to keep and
     It’s all about that

Keeping money out of local treasuries, regardless of how it is obtained – is a goal of ALEC.

Which brings us to this - - -

ALEC hates local control 
they are actively seeking 
and finding 
city and county employees who are willing help them 
destroy local government.


So - - 
ALEC EVIL move throughout the system

How does that movement work?
From Federal law
Possibly to state law – pushed by ALEC state legislative members
And now
To local laws – which will be pushed by municipal ALEC members 

ALEC is one nasty, evil organization.
ALEC hates the control of the Federal government.
ALEC hates control at the local level.
They only want evil, fascist ALEC state legislative members to have control.

Its why they refer to STATES rights
It's why they are concerned with STATE sovereignty.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

GOP LIES - Deciding Vote On ACA - State by state by state

GOP Lies

McFadden: Franken Was Deciding Vote for Obamacare, but Does Nothing Today to Fix It

Scott Brown Lied About Shaheen's Deciding Vote For Obamacare

Did Mary Landrieu cast the ‘deciding’ vote for Obamacare?

"Jeff Merkley was the deciding vote on Obamacare,"

Kay Hagan
Hagan cast the deciding vote for Obamacare.

Sen. Pryor was the deciding vote for #ObamaCare,

"Udall cast the deciding vote for Obamacare

television ads about McCaskill’s “deciding vote” for the “jobs-killing Obamacare.”

Debbie Stabenow, the deciding vote to create Obamacare

GOP Lies 
cause they can't win on the issues

Monday, September 1, 2014

When ALECers Retire - There is Still Danger

Two hundred plus  (200+) ALEC incumbents are not running for re-election in 2014

This may sound like good news
– but –
Just because they resigned this year – does not mean they have left politics.

Some are running for higher office

Some are running for Supreme Court, District Court or Justice of the Peace

Some are running for city and county offices
To help the extremist, pro-corporate, we want right to work implemented at the local level - American Legislative Exchange Council expand their newest evil entity – the ACCE
And those people HAVE TO BE DEFEATED

Here’s the list of ALECers who resigned for you to check and take action on
Be sure they don't get elected to a different position in your state!!
Check you state ballots!
   Educate your friends, family and neighbors
Yes it has typos – 

Richard Laird
Verdell Jackson
Mary Sue McClurkin

Greg Wren
Scott Reichner
Chad Fincher
Mark Blasdel

Jesse O’Hara
Wendy Warburton
John Coghill
Cary Smith
Fred Dyson
Krayton Kerns
Lseil McGuire
David Howard

Pat Connell
Mia Costello

Peggy Wilson

Pete Pirsch
Bill Avery
Chester Crandell
John Wightman
Al Melvin
Mark Christensen
John Mccomish
John Harms
Rick Murphy

Michele Reagan

Barbara Cegavske
Andy Tobin

Doris Goodale
Crescent Hardy
Brenda Barton

Steve Smith
New Hampshire
Tom Forese
Ballotpedia claims a total of 93
Jeff Dial
in house resigned but gave no list.
Debbie Lesko

John Kavnaugh
New Mexico
Justin Olson
William Gray
Justin Pierce
Anna Crook

New York
Johnny Key
Greg Ball

Terry Rice
North Carolina
Ann Clemmer
Thom Tillis
Allen Kerr
Ruth Samuelson
Davy Carter

Robert Dale
North Dakota
Andrea Lea
Spencer Berry
Denny Altes

Jonathan Barnett
Alon Wieland
Les Carnine
Brenda Heller
John Burris

Duncan Baird
Karen Hopper
Tim Schaffer
Debbie Hobbs

Mary Slinkard
Matt Huffman

Terry Blair
William Batchelder
Dan Logue
Jay Hottinger

Gerald Stebelton
Ross McGregor
Greg Brophy
John Adams
Steve King
Rex Damschroder
Scott Renfroe
Lynn Wachtmann

Mark Waller
Amy Stephens
Rob Johnson
Bob Gardner
Cliff Branan
Cheri Gerou
Cliff Aldridge
Spencer Swain

Carole Murray
Marty Quinn
Jerry Sonnenberg
Steve Martin

Skye McNiel
Mike Jackson
Penny Bacchiochi
Colby Schwartz
DebraLee Hovey
Gus Blackwell

TW Shannon
Mike Reynolds

Larry George
Jimmy Patronis

Daniel Davis
Tim Freeman
Bryan Nelson
Wally Hicks
Will Weatherford
Bruce Hanna

Dennis Richardson
Kim Thatcher
Ronnie Chance
Jason Conger

Edward Lindsey

Josh Clark
Delvis Dutton
Bob Robbins
Ellis Black

Dick Stevenson
Sam Smith
Jerry Stern

Paul Clymer

Eric Anderson
Rhode Island
Darrell Bolz
JoAn Wood

South Carolina
Phillip Owens
Kirk Dillard
Ted Vick

Liston Barfield
Renee Kosel

Darlene Senger

Dennis Reboletti
South Dakota
Jill Tracy
David Novstrup
Tom Cross
Santel Krebs
Michael Bost
Ryan Maher

Larry Rhoden

Sue Landske
Manford Steele
Thomas Wyss
Hal Wick

Stace Nelson
Charles Hoffman
Nancy Boettger
Betty Olson
Sandra Greiner

Mark Lofgren
Steven Olson
Kent Willima
Pat Murphy
Vince Dean

Joe Carr
Joshua Evans
Kelly Meigs
Barrett Rich
Lance Kinzer

Richard Carlson

Ken Paxton

Katie Stine
Jim Pitts
Julie Denton
Brandon Creighton

Harvey Hildebran
Ben Waide
Rob Orr
Robert Damron
Dan Branch

Bill Callegari
John Davis
Roger Sherman

Stuart Reid
Allan Kittleman

Nancy Jacobs
Ryan Wilcos
Barry Glassman
Roger Barrus
Leroy Myers
Jennifer Seelig
Michael Hough
Rebecca Lockhart
Nancy Stockdale

Gail Bates
Ron George
Duncan Kilmartin
Steve Schuh

H Wayne Norman
Adelaide Eckhardt
Janea Holmquist
Jennie Haddaway-Riccio

William Frank
Judith Warnick

Charles Ross


George Peterson, Jr.
West Virginia

Troy Andes

Bruce Caswell

Randy Richardville
John Moolenaar
Neal Kedzie

Dale Schultz
Bill Rogers
Mike Ellis
Eileen Kowall

Tom McMillin
Chad Weininger
Gail Haines
Mike Endsley
Kenneth Kurtz
Stephen Nass
Matt Lori
Erik Seversin
Mike Shirkey
Howard Marklein

Pat Strachota
Daniel Lemahieu
Mike Benson
John Klenke
Kurt Zellers
Bill Kramer
Michael Beard

Pam Myhra

Leslie Nutting

Brian Nieves
Kathy Davison

Thomas Lubnau, II
Mike Thomsom
Carl Loucks
Stanley Cox

Doug Funderbunk

Chuck Gatschenberger

Timothy Jones