Monday, September 22, 2014

ALEC HQ Misleads America with Google Presser

Such good news today with Google kicking ALEC to the curb

Was out having a drink - celebrating the good news of the day and my birthday and I come home to this!
The day dampened by an ALEC presser that - - - again - - -  misleads people.

This presser is a demonstration why we HAVE TO HAVE people monitoring what happens at ALEC meetings – cause without it – the lies they tell will believed as truth.

Arlington, Virginia (September 22, 2014) — CEO Lisa B. Nelson issued the following statement:
 “It is unfortunate to learn Google has ended its membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council as a result of public pressure from left-leaning individuals and organizations who intentionally confuse free market policy perspectives for climate change denial.
REMINDER:  The freemarket can not exist while ALEC legislators intentionally and maliciously manipulate the market using corporate written legislation.
The true free market exists when the market reacts to CONSUMERS who make their will known to corporations – and that is exactly what happened in this instance.
ALEC doesn't defend the freemarket - ALEC manipulates the freemarket to enhance corporate profit.

It doesn't matter how many times ALEC yells - "Look - there's a squirrel over there." - and screams "left leaning groups", every action ALEC takes,  all belongs to ALEC, ALEC owns it!
In relation to that
ALEC doesn't even have their side of their aisle behind them - they are extremists.
Tea Partier blogs (bless their ignorant little souls) think ALEC is an offshoot of the Democratic party.
The John Birch Society even thinks ALEC is not that Smart.
“At our recent Annual Meeting in Dallas, we were pleased to host a roundtable conversation between a variety of companies—including Google—regarding renewable energy deployment and climate change. The conversations held in Dallas were intended to build understanding and pioneer future policy approaches where organizations could find common ground on issues of climate change, energy generation and government mandates. And, I personally intend to continue this work."
This time around, Taylor, D-Madison, attended a subcommittee on how to “think and talk about climate change” and an environmental discussion that featured a speaker representing tech firms Google, eBay, Facebook and Yahoo.
Taylor said the representative told the “coal is king” ALEC crowd that they needed to create more policies favorable to renewable energy. The representative spoke of the need for these companies to build large datacenters that use a lot of power to operate.
Taylor said some attendees asked how the companies explain this choice to their shareholders, while others asked why they should support subsidized energy like wind and solar.
Taylor said the attendees were told coal and oil is also subsidized and shareholders are told the use of renewable energy is a better long-term financial option that is increasingly popular with customers.
At the end of the presentation, the energy giants thanked him, praised his attendance, and peed in the corners.
This was coal country, and no Internet guy was going to tell them otherwise.
So they started their anti-renewable litany of objections:
  • Renewables aren't economical (Internet guy responded that they are economical);
  • Renewables exist because of subsidies (Internet guy responded that all energy is subsidized);
  • And net metering is terrible (Internet guy responded that though they don't use net metering, they have encouraged renewables).
So much for progress.
By the end of the day, any hope for a reasonable dialogue around renewable energy had totally evaporated.
Back to the ALEC statement
“In the case of energy generation, ALEC believes renewable energy should expand based on consumer demand, not as a result of a government mandate"
This sentence was written and released just over 24 hours after 400,000 CONSUMERS marched through the streets of New York City to wake up the leaders of the world

not a corporate controlled ALEC meeting
ALEC and its members are so removed from anything other than themselves - they can't even see the fossil fuel polluted forest for the ALEC decimated dying trees.
"Many misunderstand the American Legislative Exchange Council and its legislator-led, free market priorities."
Legislator led free market priorities
The priorities are determined by Corporate entities.
as demonstrated
and HERE
and HERE
and HERE  pp 84-90
“ALEC believes in freedom of speech and opinion."

"However, ALEC and its members will continue to advance limited government, free markets and federalism through dialogue, debate and model policy formulation."

Which really means
However, ALEC and its CORPORATE members, will advance CORPORATE process with legislation written by corporations “to advance limited government, free markets and federalism”

The ALEC model of governance is a threat to the United States of America and to the nations of the world – who have delegates attending ALEC meetings.  
ALEC knows it is a threat that is why they continue to make decisions in secret - behind closed doors and mislead the public with statements as shown above.

ALEC is one nasty, evil organization.
ALEC hates the control of the Federal government.
ALEC hates control at the local level.
ALEC members only want evil ALEC state legislative members to have control.

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