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DUMP AT&T - 'Cause They Won't DumpALEC

People are always tweeting for AT&T to DumpALEC.
Unless WE dump AT&T – they aren’t going to budge.


AT&T has made a bundle of “bills” – off their membership in the American Legislative Exchange council (ALEC) – but then that is what it is all about – for the Corporate Profit Sector members of ALEC.

Political contributions and lobbying
According to the Center for Responsive Politics, AT&T is the second largest donor to United States political campaigns, and the top American corporate donor, having contributed more than US$47.7 million since 1990, 56% and 44% of which went to Republican and Democratic recipients, respectively. Also, during the period of 1998 to 2010, the company expended US$130 million on lobbying in the United States. A key political issue for AT&T has been the question of which businesses win the right to profit by providing broadband internet access in the United States.

In 2005, AT&T was among 53 entities that contributed the maximum of $250,000 to the second inauguration of President George W. Bush.

American Legislative Exchange Council
Bill Leahy, representing AT&T, sits on the Private Enterprise Board of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Abra Cadabra –
ALEC “model” Legislation:

Look at everything they have already gotten in Wisconsin, as reported at ALEC Exposed.

And when you multiply that by 50
– AT&T has made a bunch of moolah
– AT&T will continue to rake in the big bucks
– off their membership in the American Legislative Exchange council (ALEC) – but then that is what it is all about – for the Corporate Profit Sector members of ALEC.

Everyday people working together!!!!

Keep signing those petitions folks!
Resign those petitions folks

Make your voice heard
Say NO to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)!

Thanks to the Efforts of YOU!!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Garofalo - ALEC GOP Headcase

Another ALEC GOP headcase trying to rewrite their bad record on educational funding – by throwing blame at the  Dems, for the mess that the Republican led Minnesota legislature has been causing for about ten years.

Lest we forget
REPUBLICANS are to blame for the funding mess that Minnesota schools are in.

Lest we forget
REPUBLICANS have been in control - they are to blame!!!!!

May 12, 2011   Mayors from three of Minnesota's largest cities converged outside the governor's office Thursday to decry what they said were major cuts to their school districts under the Republican education budget proposal.

Data compiled by the governor's office show the bill sends Minneapolis $174 less per pupil than projected costs for the fiscal year beginning July 2012. In St. Paul the difference is $145, while in Duluth it is $80.

A freeze on special education funding levels also was nixed in the latest bill in favor of merely slowing the rate of growth. The overall increase in per-pupil funding levels, originally about $50 per year, was reduced to about $20.

June 22nd, 2011  The GOP budget would grow the size of classrooms by making severe cuts to K-12 education, creating winners and losers for our children with disproportionate cuts across the state and deep cuts to special education. Urban students would see the most devastating cuts as Saint Paul Public Schools would be cut $8.5 million and Minneapolis Public Schools would be cut $9.6 million over the next two years.

The cuts to K-12 and higher education will force teacher layoffs and will affect the education that our future workforce relies upon.

The cuts are devastating.  In education alone, republican cuts include $422 million from higher education, $700 million in delayed payments to K-12, as well as $48 million from special education.

April 5, 2012  — Gov. Mark Dayton has vetoed a GOP effort to pay back some of the money the state has borrowed from schools in recent years.

Dayton called the measure irresponsible because it would have spent $430 million from the state's rainy day fund to pay a portion of the $2.4 billion owed to schools.

The governor, however, did not believe it made financial sense to spend money from the reserve fund, especially as the state struggles with its budget.

Credit Card Republicans - irresponsible - as the state struggles with its budget.
Credit Card Republicans - steal now - pay later with higher interest.
Credit Card Republicans - steal now -from the schools to give tax breaks to the wealthy.

I could go on and on and on  …..   

Garofalo can go to  …………

And NO! – I won’t be voting to approve any school levies 
– until Minnesotans vote away the Republican control away from the Minnesota legislature.

Where's Breitbart's Report on ALEC?

This note was left on an earlier post about the ALEC annual meeting press coverage:

Breitbart "News" has gained access but not Occupy News Radio--naturally (I'm here on the ground and have verified these two facts).

So,,,,,,,,,,,Breitbart was recognized the ALEC annual meeting.
Not one peep from them on the web.

Where are Breitbart's multitude of reports on the annual meeting - and the goodness of ALEC?

Are they waiting for the ALEC PR firm to approve their writing?
Are they waiting for the ALEC chair to approve their ALEC propaganda?
Are they waiting for Paul Weyrich to check the grammar and do a spellcheck (gonna be a long wait - he's dead).

Did they party too much with ALEC Corporate Profit Sector lobbyist members and forgot they were media?

Were the words too big for them?

Did they have trouble understanding what "legislation" is?

Did they figure out that real reporting is much more difficult than just spouting off their mouths and decided it was a meeting gone wrong?

Guess we will never know.

But what we do know is the ALEC conference started six days ago 
- Breitbart was there 
- and they have had nothing to report.

Probably see more today - after all the articles are approved by ALEC.
Such a sad state of affairs - having your paper graded by Daddy before you hand it in,

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ketron (TN-ALEC) - Takes Credit for ALEC Voter ID

Bill Ketron of Murfreesboro, TN takes credit for the rash of anti-voter legislation that is being implemented across the United States.
The sponsors of Tennessee voter ID law say they were pushing the idea long before it ever became an ALEC model, though it did not pass until last year.

"I think they got their model from me," quipped Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Bill Ketron of Murfreesboro, Senate sponsor of the measure and a frequent attendee of ALEC events.
BTW:  The Voter ID bill was approved by the American Legislative Exchange Council in 2009 - how long was Tennessee trying to implement it - before 2009?????

WOW!  What a guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is either lying or a sociopath - That's something every true American patriot would really want to be very proud of - taking credit for writing legislation that disenfranchises 5 million people from being able to vote.

Another example of the resilency of the anti-democratic stance of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

"It's an organization that promotes the principles on which this country was founded -- free markets and free enterprise," said Rep. Steve McDaniel, R-Parkers Crossroads,

When buying and selling are controlled by legislation,
the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.
~ P.J. O'Rourke

Did Curry Todd (TN-ALEC) Lie for ALEC?????

We have a situation here.
Either the reporter lied
Or Curry Todd of Tennesse lied for/about ALEC.

It is reported in an article about ALEC that Curry stated:
Todd said the group is bipartisan with about 45 percent of members nationwide Democrats and the national chairmanship rotating annually between a Democrat and a Republican

Not a lie????????????
Prove it
– release the entire membership of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) PROVING
That 45% of members are Dems
The chairmanship rotates every year between and Dem and an ALEC right-wing extremist.

And then you have this quote from Dolores Martez of Iowa – a past chair of ALEC.
The year I was national chairman was kind of a very frustrating year for me. The executive director [then Lori Roman] did not follow what I expected her to do. I didn’t have a lot of support from the board,” said Dolores Mertz, a now-retired Iowa state representative who was the group’s national chairman in 2007. “[Roman] told me that she didn’t like Democrats and she wasn’t going to work with them.”

On July 27 at the ALEC Annual meeting  - there was the following headline
     Utah Senators say it’s time for ALEC to be more open
     Secrecy is one of the hits on the conservative organization

It’s time for ALEC to be more open – about lying???????????????

Barbieri / Gardens / Hart (ID-ALEC) - Double Dipping???????

BOISE – Five Idaho lawmakers attended the American Legislative Exchange Council’s annual conference in Salt Lake City last week, but only two – Rep. Vito Barbieri, R-Dalton Gardens, and outgoing Rep. Phil Hart, R-Athol – went at state expense.

The others either traveled at their own expense or got scholarships from ALEC, a group that brings together business interests and state lawmakers to work on policy issues.
Considering that ALEC Exposed / PR Watch reported that PhRMA put over $350,000 worth of money into the Wisconsin scholarship fund – I have to really wonder how much money is in the Idaho scholarship fund - available for Idaho legislators to use for FREE trips to ALEC meetings.

If Idaho has a lucrative scholarship fund like Wisconsin – EVERYONE ONE OF THEM can be reimbursed for their expenses to and at the ALEC Annual meeting, from the scholarship fund.

So – Idaho – are Barbieri and Gardens and Hart – double-dipping?????????????
And why is the state paying for "out-going" Hart to attend an ALEC meeting??????????????

From the ALEC bylaws –
Taxpayers foot the bill for the ALEC Annual meeting??????

And then ALEC pays for
Room and tax and

And the scholarship reimbursement checks can be mailed to the legislators homes.

Chip Cravaack - Destroying the Environment

This morning I was watching Almanac on our public TV station and teabagger Chip Cravaack was on their spewing right-wing crap.

This guy is such an accomplished liar that he has even gained the support of a local union in his district.

Well – in today’s bunch of right-wing lies he told the viewing audiences - he told right wing lie and justified it trying to get support from the left.  I could not believe what I heard when it came out of his mouth.

I didn’t get it verbatim – I was channel surfing but he basically said
Every wind turbine requires 600 pounds of copper, so we should look at production of that copper to be done here (in Minnesota).

Wind turbines – green energy??????   Right wingers don’t give a damn about green energy – but NOW when he can use green talking points to justify a horrific plan in place for Minnesota – he is more than happy to spout off green talking points.

A little info – for those not in the know – why would Cravaack be talking copper and wind turbines?

Some history

From MPR
One company, PolyMet, wants to build an open pit operation to mine copper and other metals. Another venture, Twin Metals, plans a massive, largely underground mine southeast of Ely -- a company official has likened it to an "underground city" -- stretching near the edge of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Called the Nokomis project, it would be one of the largest private ventures ever launched in Minnesota --

That kind of mining creates concerns because when sulfide-containing rocks are exposed to the elements they produce sulfuric acid with the potential to poison watersheds and kill fish and plant life should it escape. The Environmental Protection Agency says acid mine drainage can be "highly toxic and, when mixed with groundwater, surface water and soil, may have harmful effects on humans, animals and plants."

PolyMet was incorporated in British Columbia in 1981 under the name Fleck Resources Ltd.

Twin Metals – a Minnesota based company – that does NOT have one Minnesotan on their – board – the majority of them are from CANADA.

A press release form the Friends of the Boundary Waters and the Sierra Club notes:
Several companies are vigorously pursuing metallic sulfide mining projects in northeastern Minnesota. But this is not the taconite mining that made the Iron Range famous and that Minnesotans understand. This is a much riskier mining that yields small amounts of nickel, copper, gold and platinum.

Sulfide mining, with its heavy industrialization, destruction of the landscape and potential to leach sulfuric acid and toxic metals into local watersheds, can create permanent environmental damage. It disturbs natural lands forever, including valuable wetlands that hold and store global warming pollutants, and creates water pollution problems that continue indefinitely into the future, requiring perpetual treatment and containment. Those costs are frequently left to the state’s taxpayers after the mining companies have extracted all the profits.

The  Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy notes:
Sulfide mining in Minnesota would affect many of our treasured places, including Lake Superior and the Boundary Waters. It’s too important of an issue to be uninformed.
When you are talking contamination of Lake Superior you are also talking about hurting the tourism industry in Michigan and Wisconsin which borders the Lake to the south and east.

Sulfide mining has never been done in Minnesota. This is not your Grandfather’s taconite mine. It produces toxic waste that could irreversibly damage Minnesota’s fragile lakes, rivers and natural resources.

The industry’s record on water quality is abysmal.  Hundreds of hardrock mines in the American West have been abandoned, leaving behind mine pit lakes, waste rock piles, and tailings basins that have contaminated hundreds of miles of rivers and streams.  The EPA estimates the total clean-up cost exceeds $50 billion.  The hardrock mining industry has been the #1 source of toxic waste in this country ever since the annual Toxics Release Inventory was established.

They have produced a 42 minutes video to inform others of the dangers of this project.

Mining Truth
Mining Truth was founded by Conservation Minnesota, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness and the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy (MCEA) have teamed up to educate Minnesotans, Wisconsinites, and Michiganders on the copper / sulfide mining issue.

Their website is located   >>>>HERE<<<<

The job creation Lie:
The employment numbers are very unreliable –Minnesotans should be very critical when hearing them

While opening a mine results in new jobs, sometimes those jobs are not filled by people from communities near the mine.

Employment numbers for the PolyMet project changed once again when the company made a significant design change in the project. PolyMet announced it would no longer produce cathode copper on site, but instead use a single autoclave to create copper and nickel concentrates to be shipped elsewhere to be processed. This change reduced permanent jobs to 360 when the mine is at full capacity, and construction jobs to 500.

For example, PolyMet predicts that 55 percent of the jobs for its proposed mine would be “non-local,” and filled by individuals relocating to the area. Twenty percent would be commuters from cities such as Duluth. Only 25 percent would be local hires.

Permanent jobs:  360
Permanent jobs for Minnesotans:  162 (45%)
And that is probably severely overstated - based on the way the industry job projections have declined over just the past five years.

The mining industry is touting 3,600 “indirect” jobs in the areas - and that is probably severely overstated based on the way the industry job projections have declined over just the past five years.

AND you have to consider this!!!
In the region where they are proposing the copper mining:
Mining also has to be balanced with the region's tourism industry, which generates more than $700 million a year and 16,000 jobs in northeast Minnesota, as well as the concerns Native Americans have about copper mining's potential effects on the region's wild rice harvest.
Minnesota's economy relies - RELIES - on tourism!!!!!

Think about this little story about Butte, Montana  a lot of Minnesotans, Wisconsinites, and Michiganders have relatives that worked at the Butte copper mine.
At the beginning of the 20th century, Butte, Mont., was called the "most prosperous town" in the United States.

Local lore has it that there were more millionaires per square mile in Butte than in New York City.

Copper was the reason. Every bullet manufactured for American troops fighting in World War I had its origin in Butte. One-third of the entire country was electrified using copper from the Butte mines.

The former open-pit copper mine, which measures a mile by 1.5 miles and is more than 900 feet deep, contains 40 billion gallons of highly toxic waste left over from the copper mining days.

The reddish-brown water -- ground water that seeped back into the pit after the mine was closed in 1975 -- is filled with metal residue and a  variety of "extremophiles," which are organisms named for their ability to thrive in the poisonous brew.

And from a 2008 Canadian report
The copper mines at Butte, Montana, for example, are the site of the largest “Superfund” toxic mine waste cleanup in US history. The citizens of Butte continue to suffer a host of illnesses, and the highest rates of bone and brain cancer in North America. These cancers have been positively linked to toxic chemicals present at the former copper mining sites.

A comprehensive resource guide that provides third-party data, research and information about sulfide mining.
Read it  >>>>HERE<<<<<<

For lots of important links about this issue – and the impact of this decision on indigenous people and rights
Please see the Warriors for Earth webpage   >>>>HERE<<<

A Hamms beer commercial use to refer to Minnesota as
            The Land of Sky Blue Waters
But with copper residue in our lakes and streams not so much.

Minnesotans – Wisconsinites – Michiganders
This is what your streams and shores of Lake Superior could look like if this is allowed to pass in Minnesota.

Minnesota – here is your new look for the area next to the boundary waters – in addition to the traffic and the pollution.
This is what a copper mine looks like!!

Preserving Natural Resources?????
Increasing Canadian Companies /investors revenues?????

Preserving Natural Resources?????
Increasing Canadian Companies /investors revenues?????

Preserving Natural Resources?????
Increasing Canadian Companies /investors revenues?????

Minnesota – which way are you going to go?
Copper mining is not a solution for Minnesota!!!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

ALEC - Its Our Party & We'll Cry If We Want To

This has been a tough week for ALEC.

From the amazing Lisa Graves, Center for Media and Democracy / PR Watch

Special Report from Salt Lake: ALEC Exposed, ALEC Diminished
Salt Lake Tribune's headline read "ALEC says it won't be threatened," the news story in the state's leading paper featured two prominent critiques of ALEC.

Inside, the opinion page included a massive editorial cartoon by Pat Bagley featuring the punch line to the joke: "A Legislator Walks Into a Bar."

As ALEC legislators turned for comfort to Fox News, the local Fox affiliate filed an investigative report by Max Roth, detailing what CMD has uncovered about ALEC's task forces -- that corporate lobbyists and legislators vote as equals on "model" legislation -- and quoting from ALEC's public bylaws that say state legislative leaders of ALEC have a "duty" to get ALEC bills introduced into law, all while ALEC claims it does not lobby.

At the end of that news segment, Arizona state Rep. Peggy Judd admitted she is lobbied at the ALEC conferences

the release of a new report on ALEC's undue influence on Utah,

and the unleashing of a viral new cartoon by Mark Fiori on how a bill becomes a law

On Thursday morning, Color of Change announced that two more huge corporations had left ALEC: General Motors and Walgreens.

And there was this:

And then there was this:

Read it all >>>>>HERE<<<<<
On the left side of the page!

Someone will probably tell me I have to remove the cartoon - but I wanted people to see it.

This has been a tough week for ol' ALEC.
Couldn’t happen to a better group of fascist terrorists – the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
Probably all crying on the way home.

Friday, July 27, 2012

ALEC Saturday Agenda - NRA / Guns and Ammo

      the NRA announced that it would still be hosting its regular annual shooting event at ALEC's summer convention, in Salt Lake City on July 28. For the past several years, on the Saturday of ALEC's annual meeting, the NRA has regularly hosted an outing for ALEC legislators and lobbyists to go shooting together -- with complimentary guns and ammo plus plenty of food and drink (this time it is a barbeque).

Crowe -(LA-ALEC) - Double Dipping????????

In the news from Louisiana (my emphasis):
Thirteen state senators and representatives are on course to spend about $40,000 to attend legislative conferences around the United States in the coming days, according to Louisiana Senate and House records.

State Sen. A.G. Crowe, R-Slidell, is the only legislator on the American Legislative Exchange Council, which opened its meeting July 25 in Salt Lake City.

Fewer legislators are choosing to go to the summer conferences than in recent years — particularly the ALEC meeting, which only last year attracted 31 legislators when it was held in New Orleans and former state Sen. Noble Ellington was its national chairman.

Crowe’s Salt Lake City conference costs total nearly $2,800.

Is A G Crowe - Double Dipping??????????????????
Straight from the ALEC by-laws.

Taxpayers - get hooked for $2,800????????????

ALEC Scholarhip pays for
Room and tax

We may never know  ... 
After all the check from ALEC can go right to his house!

ALEC's Perceived Secretive Reality

More lies to the Media from the American Legislative Exchange Council.
And the media eats it up!

The media gives them a great positive headline
"Utah Senators say it’s time for ALEC to be more open"

and then hides the proof that ALEC is lying to America in the body of the article.

All from the same article:

"I don’t think we have anything to hide. I think it’s more perception than reality," said Sen. Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy, the Utah co-chairman for ALEC, who has made the argument for transparency, along with Bramble.

Task force and subcommittee meetings, where corporate sponsors, conservative think tanks and legislators craft model legislation have always been closed to the public.

Handouts and model legislation adopted during those meetings also have been tightly held.

The liberal blog Media Matters was denied credentials altogether.

although at least one television reporter was turned away from a panel discussion on health care featuring Gov. Gary Herbert.

But some ALEC members don’t see why there is a fuss over the closed task force meetings.

"I don’t think we have anything to hide. I think it’s more perception than reality,"


Out of curiosity – I just went to the NCLS webpage because they have their big meeting coming up and I found

The webpage showing the Keynote Speakers

and I found the list of exhibitors

Then I went to the ALEC webpage about their annual meeting

And found nothing to look at except a barebones draft agenda

OPENNESS – NOPE! What a crock!

Media Gives ALEC One Paragraph to LIE!

While ALEC parties on this Friday night - the news media is spreading ALEC lies.

There is a one paragraph posting out of Utah tonight that includes this statement:

Copyright 2012 The Salt Lake Tribune. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

So I have to interpret it for you

Curt Bramble – who is from Utah and on the ALEC Board – says that ALEC should be more open – so that people don’t think it is so “nefarious”. - considered nefarious because of the idea that ALEC is an organization that has a “plot” to corporatize/profitize/privatize state legislatures.

Well – Mr Bramble is feeding the media more ALEC crap.
The media ate it up.

It will be a cold day in hell before ALEC is more open – because their strength lies in their secretive approach to their dastardly and nasty goals.

        Destroying  the democratic republic with representation of, by and for the people.
This is an organization that wants to get rid of the 17th amendment – the amendment that allows you and me to vote for our US Senators.
This is an organization that wants state legislatures to “appoint” US Senators.
This is not something that the American Legislative Exchange council will do in the “OPEN”!!!

And this is NO “PLOT” on ALEC’s part.
It is already happening, they are already "educating" their ALEC state legislators on how to do this.

The reason that Brambles lie about the need for openness, got written up in the Utah Business Magazine for Decision Makers is because evidently Bramble let a reporter from Utah Business into some of the “OPEN” meetings at the ALEC annual meeting.

ALEC looked like the good guys to the Utah Business magazine, because they were given access to the secretive meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and so they gave Bramble ONE lousy paragraph for him to lie to America.

ALEC Activism - Makes a Difference!!!

Whereever, whenever
Every action counts.

Great write up about the ALEC protest in Utah and how previous actions have made a difference against the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)

I recommend it – it’s a quick read - read the whole thing  >>>>HERE<<<<

One of the organizers, Jesse Fruhwirth, told the Center for Media And Democracy that ALEC's influence over our democracy is comparable to a slow-moving, piecemeal coup d'etat.

"To protest a group like ALEC, you are protesting corporatocracy. ALEC is one of the root causes behind efforts to persecute organized workers, destroy the environment and incarcerate massive amounts of people," he told the Center for Media And Democracy. "We can no longer allow money to buy political influence."

In Utah
A coalition of local and national groups are hosting an alternative "ALEC Exposed" conference in Salt Lake City. The goal is to educate the public about the ALEC agenda. Supporting groups include Center for Media And Democracy, Common Cause, People for the
American Way
, Progress Now, AFL-CIO, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, The Voters Legislative Transparency Project the Utah League of Women Voters, the Alliance for a Better Utah, and others.

And a shout out for those of us who were in Snotsdale last November:
But most just plainly think that chanting, sweating, walking and holding signs will not actually change anything.

Most of the time, they might be right.

But sometimes, it can make a difference.

One need look no further than the American Legislative Council, or ALEC, and what has transpired since they held their Nation & States Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona nine months ago.

The article goes on to say:

People can make a difference. Just ask ALEC, which is learning that protesters are people, too.

And they will and can be heard.

And it does – never doubt for a moment that you activism is in vain (even though sometimes it may feel like it).

People can make a difference!!!!

Keep signing those petitions folks!
Resign those petitions folks

Make your voice heard
Say NO to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)!

Thanks to the Efforts of YOU!!!!

POCAN's Second Report from ALEC-ville

ALEC: On The Ropes & Feeling Stunned
By Mark Pocan, July 27, 2012

Snips – Read the whole thing  >>>>HERE<<<<

There is now a real coalition of activists working to expose ALEC. And they are working on multiple fronts to expose the group’s activities.


And at the conference, not a workshop or task force meeting went by without the shout out to the “brave” corporate members of ALEC. Though, at the Fiscal and Tax Policy Task Force meeting, you certainly are starting to get why ALEC is so worried about the coalition working against them. When they asked the private sector members to stand and be recognized, a handful half-stood and quickly sat down. Look, they’ll wine you and dine you at a private restaurant with low lighting, but even they seem to be embarrassed to be a part of this group.


So I’m very hopeful. After such a long time of seeing this nefarious group operate in the shadows, it’s nice to finally see some light shine on them.

And, much like shining a light in a dark and dingy basement, when the light goes on, the cockroaches scatter. As goes ALEC.

From Me – Congratulations to every one of you who is standing up in the fight against ALEC.

It IS nice to see the Kochroaches fleeing!!!

ALEC Agenda: Bye – bye National Parks

"I know you’re being attacked by a lot of these leftist groups in your states. I know you are," Ron Scheberle, ALEC’s executive director told lawmakers during lunch Wednesday before turning to the group’s corporate sponsors. "Thank you. Thank you for standing with us. I know you’ve been attacked a lot — extortion threats and letters. But those who are here today are standing strong."

From an observer – there on business from New Mexico:
I witnessed one of their members in the parking lot hurriedly walking towards the lobby as he was talking to himself.  He looked crazed.  Inside the leader of this group was telling everyone that Alec would not be bullied by anyone.  This coming from the best of bullies.  He thanked the few remaining corporate sponsors he had, including UPS and the oil boys, for not deserting the organization like better thinking companies did after the Florida shooting of Trayvon Martin. 

But he wasn’t there for the ALEC shing-dig – he was there as an environmentalist.
The day before he posted this – about his trip to Utah:

But I have to say that the crazies in Utah, like other western states, just never get tired of trying to pillage every watershed, species, and acre for their own purposes.  Here I mean mostly coal, hard rock, and petroleum production.  They never have to give up because they have a bottomless pit of money to use in fighting environmental protection.  These people who put short term profit over long range watershed health are anything but timid.  Now they actually have convinced a Utah governor that he can take title to the federal public lands by saying it belongs to the people of Utah and not the people of the United States.

Now they actually have convinced a Utah governor that he can take title to the federal public lands by saying it belongs to the people of Utah and not the people of the United States.

Coming to your state soon:

In waging the Western land wars, Utah lawmakers have won recruits to the battle among like-minded lawmakers at the American Legislative Exchange Council conference in Salt Lake City.

"It’s tremendous," said Utah Rep. Ken Ivory, R-West Jordan, who sponsored legislation in Utah demanding Congress turn over 30 million acres of federal land to the state and got the bill adopted as ALEC model legislation last year.

Ivory, who now chairs the ALEC Task Force on Federalism, said the conference is a way for legislators with common goals to share ideas and build support around the region to help restore some balance with the federal government.


Three years ago, Rep. Chris Herrod, R-Provo, brought legislation to ALEC that he had successfully passed in Utah, proclaiming the state’s power to exercise eminent domain, seizing federal land in the state. Herrod’s bill got a favorable reception and was adopted as ALEC model legislation.

"I knew it was the right place because it’s a federalism issue. It’s about state rights and the proper balance," Herrod said. "I think Utah in a sense has led [the lands issue]," but ALEC has provided a favorable reception for the bills.

"It’s great for us to try it out, but Utah’s not going to get traction alone. We have to get Colorado and Arizona and Nevada and Idaho to join us."

The National Park Service's Cultural Resources Programs are dedicated to preserving history, education, and grants. History is everywhere. In nearly 400 national parks and every hometown. It covers everything from the remnants of ancient civilizations to the boyhood homes of U.S. Presidents to the stirring sagas of hard-fought wars to the reverberations of one woman refusing to give up her seat on a bus. History is a part of who we were, who we are, and who we will be.

Bye – bye national parks
thanks to ALEC legislators and their corporate profit sector members 
– who frack
– who cut off mountain tops
– who drill, baby drill. 
And then you have the casinos that belong to ALEC – who need a new location.  
And you have the hotel chains that belong to ALEC who need a new resort location for ALEC meetings.

Hoffman (ID-ALEC) - uncaring, selfish people????

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I’m back in Idaho having attended meetings of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in Salt Lake City. And I’m most struck by a minute-long diatribe directed at me that took place in front of the Great America Hotel in that delightful city’s downtown. I was heading into the hotel to attend ALEC’s meetings, and a sign-wielding protester, whose face was hidden behind a blue bandanna, began following and hurling F-bombs at me in rapid succession. I’ll spare you the details. But, essentially, the protester accused ALEC, its supporters and people like me of working in unison to harm women, children, the elderly, puppies and butterflies. At the time, I wasn’t terribly introspective about the encounter. Later, though, I wondered about his thought process. Do this protester and his friends truly believe that free market advocates are uncaring, selfish people? That we’re unmoved by the plight of the hungry, the homeless and disadvantaged? That in a truly free market economy, we’d be quite content to see wide swaths of Americans enduring an abundance of human suffering?/Wayne Hoffman, Idaho Freedom Foundation. More to come.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) is a non-partisan educational research institute and government watchdog dedicated to improving the lives of Idahoans.  IFF advocates for free market solutions, private property rights, individual responsibility and transparent, limited government.  IFF develops and distributes original research and data with the goal of restoring our state and nation as beacons of opportunity and prosperity.

Dear Governor Otter:

I’m writing this letter to encourage you to continue your opposition to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). It is our belief that the state has not fully exhausted its legislative and legal remedies, and we believe there are opportunities ahead—but only if states continue their opposition to the creation of a federally-compliant state health insurance exchange and expansion of Medicaid.


At some point in the near future, Idaho will regret having expanded Medicaid. Once instituted, an entitlement program is nearly impossible to end.

Yours for Freedom,

Wayne Hoffman
Executive Director

Do this protester and his friends truly believe that free market advocates are uncaring, selfish people? That we’re unmoved by the plight of the hungry, the homeless and disadvantaged?   That in a truly free market economy, we’d be quite content to see wide swaths of Americans enduring an abundance of human suffering?/

Kan$a$ ALEC Members - DOUBLE DIPPING???

At least eight Kansas legislators, including two who are not seeking re-election, registered through Kansas Legislative Administrative Services to go to the Salt Lake City meeting.

Those registered to attend are state Sens. Julia Lynn of Olathe and Garrett Love of Montezuma; state Reps. Mike Burgess of Topeka, Terry Calloway of Pittsburg, Amanda Grosserode of Lenexa, Gary Hayzlett of Lakin, Joe Seiwert of Pretty Prairie, and Gene Suellentrop of Wichita.

Calloway and Hayzlett are not seeking re-election and their terms will expire in January.
Vacation – vacation – FREE vacation   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kansas taxpayers will be paying the registration fees of the legislators, according to the Kansas Legislative Administrative Services office. The fees are $475 each, except for Lynn and Suellentrop whose were $575 each due to late registration, according to the office.

OOPS – DOUBLE DIPPING????????????????????
 From the ALEC by-laws

The ALEC scholarship can be sent right to their home address.

ALEC Right Wingers - Having Comprehension Problems

About a month ago – threatened that they were going to do an expose on NCSL and ALEC.  Before their dimwits could get their project off the ground – their faulty assumptions regarding ALEC and NCSL were countered by

Media matters
   Read the comparison of ALEC and NCLS  >>>HERE<<<

Center for Media and Democracy
   Read the comparison of NCLS and ALEC  >>>HERE<<<

BOTH articles show there IS NO COMPARISON between NCSL and ALEC,
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)  is nefarious – NCSL IS NOT.

Well these folks – just are not quitting.
Evidently the right-wing is having a hard time understanding words that are not monosyllabic.
They are still trying to convince the public that NCSL is a nasty organization.

The unfortunate truth for the right wing is – there is nothing more nasty than the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

ALEC has started a new tactic that most who don’t research ALEC would not be aware of.
Over the past three weeks – they are doing most of their propaganda over the airwaves and mostly on TV.

So anyway – it appears the ALEC’s new PR firm, Edelman,  has started a new strategy for ALEC – TV and radio.
First ALEC was on the CBS Saturday nightl news, then there is a ½ hour piece running on PBS and now you have this latest installment that is being picked up today, nationwide for rebroadcast.

We’re going to have to find a better way to investigate and find these, cause they are more difficult to find.

AND we need to expose every single one of these new ALEC pieces of propaganda –
– we need to write about the fallacies that are being spread by ALEC right wing media
– we need to write about the one-sided (extremist right-wing) reporting techniques being used
Because all this is being sent across our publicly owned airwaves.
“publicly owned airwaves” – OUR COMMONS being used to destroy democracy in the US.

Here’s the latest 47 second example.

Neither Mr. Henderson nor the John Locke Foundation are impartial bystanders.  
They are both right wing extremists.
(Had to put that in because the right wing is always pointing that out about activists on the left.)

The biography of this “personality” on the video YouTube page is:
Rick Henderson, Carolina Journal managing editor, contrasts two groups that work with state legislators across the nation: the American Legislative Exchange Council and the National Conference of State Legislatures. Henderson offered these comments during an interview with Donna Martinez for Carolina Journal Radio ( Program No. 480. Video courtesy of

In addition to this you have this part of Mr. Henderson’s bio from LinkedIn
Managing Editor, Reason magazine
Reason Foundation
Nonprofit; 11-50 employees; Think Tanks industry

1997 – 1998 (1 year)
Managing Editor

1996 – 1998 (2 years)
Managing Editor, Washington Editor
Reason Magazine
August 1989 – September 1998 (9 years 2 months)

“Video courtesy of”
On the YouTube bio – they intentionally do not mention that this little piece of broadcasting is done by
The John Locke Foundation.
About the John Locke Foundation
JLF’s Vision
The John Locke Foundation envisions a North Carolina of responsible citizens, strong families, and successful communities committed to individual liberty and limited, constitutional government.
This is their attempt to make this look like mainstream reporting – rather than propaganda from the extreme right.

Another piece of info from the John Locke Foundation:
Daren Bakst, Esq.,
 is Director of Legal and Regulatory Studies for the John Locke Foundation    Bakst serves on the Federalist Society's Administrative Law and Regulation Executive Committee and as a member of the Energy, Environment, and Agriculture Task Force of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Prior to joining the Locke Foundation, Bakst was Policy Counsel for the National Legal Center for the Public Interest, a Washington, D. C., think tank that focused primarily on business regulation.

Another webpage notes that Bakst is:
a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council's Natural Resources Task Force.

Back to the start:
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is nefarious – NCSL IS NOT.

You can drop it now – monosyllabic right wingers.