Friday, July 27, 2012

ALEC Energy Message - Drill Baby Drill

This is what your ALEC legislator is hearing - if they are in Salt Lake City for the annual meeting of the fossil-fuel friendly, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)..

"Gas, oil and coal are more environmentally friendly than so-called green energy," said Robert L. Bradley Jr., founder and chief executive of the oil industry-funded Institute for Energy Research.

Bradley, speaking at a convention of the American Legislative Exchange Council, raised the point that fossil fuels are "dense" forms of energy that don't require as much space as solar or wind farms.

He argued that the world is "not running out of resources" because energy is a product of human ingenuity, which can always find more just by drilling. "We are running into resources," he said.


ALEC's sponsors were easy to see Thursday at the convention, where banners proudly displayed the logos of cigarette maker Reynolds American, Exxon Mobil, State Farm Insurance and the Edison Electric Institute, among others. Coal producer Peabody Energy Corp. paid for the lunch.

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