Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Lawyer Speaks Out on ALEC

You have to give a "professional" real credit when they take a stand publicly on ALEC.
Most of the time the “educational” work about the American Legislative Exchange council (ALEC) is being done by activists – who hope that someone stumbles upon their webpage.

When a professional puts up a webpage about ALEC on a corporate webpage – that needs to be applauded and need to get some hits.

Other than the unions – the other groups of people that have been hit hard by ALEC and their sickening effort to reduce consumer protections – is the trial lawyer.

This snip comes from the webpage of lawyer.
Read the whole thing >>>>>HERE<<<<<

ALEC uses its power to promote bills that, although negative, destructive, and unpopular get passed anyway. ALEC legislators shut out the voices of their own constituents to favor ALEC. This tampers with democracy in a way that other interest groups do not have the face-time, power, or the privilege to do. And regular middle-class citizens lose control of governance of their states. That is what is wrong with the ALEC model.

The good news is that, for now, modern technology has made it easier than ever to educate yourself about the bills being introduced in your state. To see what bills, corporations and politicians are engaged in this type of anti-democratic work, try

Good on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good on the law firm he works for – for letting him publish this.
KUDO’s of the day!!!!

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