Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And the ALEC Winner is The Franklin Center

Winner of what - must have something to do with free tickets to the annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) - or maybe - something really big!!!

ALEC's new PR firm Edelman - musta come up with a contest - whoever stood up for ALEC the most - got the most at the annual meeting.

ALEC member Texas Public Policy Foundation took a resounding lead - coming around the first and second turns with a lead of being able to spread the most crap about ALEC around the web. 

But now leading into the homestretch and the looking toward the big win at the ALEC annual meeting is

The Franklin Center.

They have been written up for their right wing hyperbole
Center for Media and Democracy - win
Media Matters - place
Media Matters - show

and now today The Franklin Center spread more horse manure about the American Legislative Exchange Council and how everybody is picking on ALEC.  Again, more anti free-market whining, because the free market that ALEC loves so dearly, is biting them in the butt.

But so much for my rambling - let's take a look at what may be the winning entry for The Franklin Center -

People on both sides of the political spectrum have been known to shout down ideas they don’t like, but these days the left has become particularly aggressive in its attempt to intimidate people into silence.

This from a member of an organization that intentionally writes “model” legislation to suppress voting,?
You’re going to spout off about silencing people?

Likewise, I’m appalled by liberal attempts to intimidate businesses into cutting their ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative group that creates model legislation in state capitols.

Free market at work – honey.
CONSUMERS making their wishes known.
No one organization could have done this – it was the voice of the consumer saying ENOUGH to the nastiness organization ever to foul up this beautiful planet.

I agree with many of ALEC’s policies and disagree with others, but ALEC’s approach is purely in keeping with longstanding American traditions.

I’m sure you do – otherwise you wouldn’t be continually writing stuff like this.
How does it feel to take away people’s right to vote – real proud of yourself are ya?

These days, on the left, throwing around the term “ALEC” and alleging connections to the supposedly nefarious funding of the libertarian-oriented Koch Brothers is what passes for intelligent debate. Threatening boycotts and negative publicity usually comes close behind.

ALEC and the Koch brothers crawled into bed together almost 25 years ago when Koch gave ALEC money to stay afloat.  Then ten years later they gave ALEC a loan to stay afloat.  When you climb in bed with a dog – you’re both gonna get fleas.  Those who bray together, stay together.  Those that pay together, stay together.  Those that neigh together, stay together.  Get the picture????

Of course, these groups have every right to be this ham-fisted. There’s nothing illegal going on here. But whatever happened to the spirit of open discourse?

Hey – guy – haven’t you heard – ALEC does everything in secret!!!!
That’s one hell of a precedent to set for “open discourse”.

Then again, these sorts of groups aren’t concerned about the coarsening public discourse but are all about winning, no matter what that means for society in general.

Let’s talk about ALEC’s attempts over the past 40 years at “coarsening” discourse.
You're really trying to make America believe that ALEC "wanted" discourse?
  Maybe with their corporate paying sponsors
  Maybe with those misunderstood lowly state legislators - who could be bought off
    with a FREE vacation to a posh hotel
Kinda a small audience for "coarsening public discourse".  Don'tcha think????
Oh - yeh - where WAS the public in all this ALEC discourse???

ALEC just loved doing all this their nastiness out of the eye of the  American people.

By the way – is the major and progressive media going to be allowed in ALL the ALEC meetings in Salt Lake next week?
Didn’t think so.
Open discourse???
Hah!!!!! Ha, ha!

Please give me a little credit! I’m not that stupid. Ha, ha, ha!
So, so, so, so! They laugh that win!
So, so, so, so! The winner’s always got the last laugh, hasn’t he?
And the winner
Of the 2012
ALEC Golden Manure Spreader Award
The Franklin Center.

Franklin Center  ... 
For all you do – this ones for you.

Do we love ya baby?

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