Wednesday, July 11, 2012

IA - Vote Vilsack - Not a Chance!

Today I went to a webpage that use to have a blog entry that I link to a lot.

The page I ues to link to is gone
– it was important and I really would like to know why they deleted it.  
(Anyhow – all my links to itt are now broken and I know it
– wish I had taken a screenshot of it, then I could have used that as reference.)

Here’s a little bit about that webpage.
Democracy for Iowa
Healing the Country by Electing Progressive Candidates

Our History
Democracy for Iowa is a progressive political action grassroots organization that seeks to elect socially progressive and fiscally responsible candidates to statewide and local offices in Iowa.  We are affiliated with Democracy for America, the political action committee founded by former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean.

In the upper left hand corner of every page you will find a link to the webpage of

Christie Vilsack is a native Iowan committed to a life of public service. She is a career educator who has always been willing to step up to the plate to build strong communities whether as a teacher, activist or Iowa's leading volunteer as First Lady. Vilsack is a passionate and tireless advocate – fighting to make Iowa an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.

When Christie’s husband was elected governor in 1998, she had the honor to serve as Iowa’s First Lady. In that role she continued her life-long commitment to healthy adolescents and communities. Best known for creating a statewide literacy initiative, from 2000 to 2006, Christie raised funds to give a book to every kindergartener in Iowa. She also she traveled the state advocating for education and economic development initiatives on behalf of the governor’s office, and represented Iowa in nine countries.

Her husband, Tom Vilsack – current US Secretary of Agriculture under Obama
Tom Vilsack is ALUMNI of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

From the 2005 ALEC document ALEC Leaders in the States

I REALLY think that some VERY serious ALEC vetting is necessary on this candidate.
I sure as hell would NOT vote for her.
Another possible ALEC-esque person in DC - there's too many already!!!!

AND would someone please define 
Iowa’s Progressive Community

It is definitely NOT how I define it!

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