Monday, July 30, 2012

Where's Breitbart's Report on ALEC?

This note was left on an earlier post about the ALEC annual meeting press coverage:

Breitbart "News" has gained access but not Occupy News Radio--naturally (I'm here on the ground and have verified these two facts).

So,,,,,,,,,,,Breitbart was recognized the ALEC annual meeting.
Not one peep from them on the web.

Where are Breitbart's multitude of reports on the annual meeting - and the goodness of ALEC?

Are they waiting for the ALEC PR firm to approve their writing?
Are they waiting for the ALEC chair to approve their ALEC propaganda?
Are they waiting for Paul Weyrich to check the grammar and do a spellcheck (gonna be a long wait - he's dead).

Did they party too much with ALEC Corporate Profit Sector lobbyist members and forgot they were media?

Were the words too big for them?

Did they have trouble understanding what "legislation" is?

Did they figure out that real reporting is much more difficult than just spouting off their mouths and decided it was a meeting gone wrong?

Guess we will never know.

But what we do know is the ALEC conference started six days ago 
- Breitbart was there 
- and they have had nothing to report.

Probably see more today - after all the articles are approved by ALEC.
Such a sad state of affairs - having your paper graded by Daddy before you hand it in,

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  1. You are asking all the right and pertinent questions. However, it is possible that the man identified in the post linked below only claims to be from Breitbart out of a sense of self-importance and/or delusion. When I say that I "confirmed" that Breitbart was admitted, I should add that I know the man linked below was recognized media at ALEC, and that that man has claimed to be from Brietbart on multiple occasions. But is he REALLY from Breitbart? Or did he just fool ALEC (and others?) into thinking so? I'm not sure that we know yet, but you are on the right track. Thanks for inquiring with us.