Friday, July 13, 2012

Moyers & Co - The Corporate Theft of the Worldwide Food Supply

In January of this year I wrote a entry about how ALEC member Monsanto was stealing seed corn from US farmers under the precept of GMO “intellectual property” and patent protection”.

Then last month I wrote another entry about how ALEC members Monsanto and Cargill are doing the same thing to farmers in Iraq – claiming GMO “patent protection” and protection of “intellectual property..
ALEC Members - Stealing the World's Food Supplies

And last month I worte an entry  about ALEC interference in Australia - that ALEC is all about protecting the intellectual property of ALEC profit sector members.

Somehow - ALEC is involved in all this agri-business / GMO nastiness.
That's why Monsanto and Cargilll pay/paid dues to ALEC!!!!!
(Cargill claims they are no longer a member - but because ALEC will not share their members lists - we have no way of knowing if they are a current member or not.)

Until tonight I did not realize that the US Department of Agriculture and FDA are complicit in this worldwide takeover of the food supply by ALEC members Monsanto and Cargill.

Bill Moyers and Company had a segment on GMO seed and it is a must watch.  It demonstrates that this is not only an issue in Iraq and the United States – but that Cargill and Monsanto are doing this worldwide and how dangerous corporate control of our food supply really is.

Other countries are doing something about it!
We have to start to do the same
– to protect our farmers, our food supply and the safety of our food supply.

You HAVE to watch this!!!!
The Problem with Genetically-Modified Seeds
I am linking you to it –

Watch it >>>>HERE<<<<<
Approximately 25 minutes

Hopefully - this will terrify you and also give you the information you need to start to do something.

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