Friday, July 13, 2012

ALEC's Free Market Philosophy is Destroying the World

Walked away from my computer and had to come back - as this has been bothering me for weeks now.

I just got done posting another entry on how corporations are taking over the food supply through the use of "patent laws" and protection of "intellectual property.

The corporations are destroying our water supply through fracking.

The corporations are destroying the very earth that we live on through fracking and environmental rape.

The banks have brought the entire world to the brink of financial disaster.

The corporations are destroying democracy here in the United States because of their ability to influence those in power.

The free-market philosophy that is espoused by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and other right wing extremist is literally destroying the world and hurting the people.

The free-markets and the corporations are not the end all be all.
If we let this continue - they will destroy everything!!!

And ALEC is at the very epicenter of this - with their worldwide interference on behalf of their corporate profit sector members.

ALEC is  international in scope and you can see the destruction of every part of the world because of the free-market philosophy that they and other right wing extremists persist in trying to sell to the world.

I don't know exactly what we have to do - but the Arab Spring started because of starvation - literally - and if we do not take action -

I only have two or three decades to live - so I will probably die before the horrible results of this free-market destruction of the world is fully known.

The free-markets and the corporations are not the end all be all.
If we let this continue - they will destroy everything - under the pretense protection of free markets.!!!

We must find a way to stop this corporate takeover of everything!!!
We must find a way to stop this retail destruction of everything!!!
And deep in my heart I know that one of the steps is the overall destruction of ALEC and that is why I do what I do.

We have to do keep doing something!!!

Corporations as people - are psychopathic serial killers and rapists - and they must be stopped.
As a sign at OWS said -
I will believe corporations are people - when Texas executes one of them.

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