Friday, July 27, 2012

POCAN's Second Report from ALEC-ville

ALEC: On The Ropes & Feeling Stunned
By Mark Pocan, July 27, 2012

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There is now a real coalition of activists working to expose ALEC. And they are working on multiple fronts to expose the group’s activities.


And at the conference, not a workshop or task force meeting went by without the shout out to the “brave” corporate members of ALEC. Though, at the Fiscal and Tax Policy Task Force meeting, you certainly are starting to get why ALEC is so worried about the coalition working against them. When they asked the private sector members to stand and be recognized, a handful half-stood and quickly sat down. Look, they’ll wine you and dine you at a private restaurant with low lighting, but even they seem to be embarrassed to be a part of this group.


So I’m very hopeful. After such a long time of seeing this nefarious group operate in the shadows, it’s nice to finally see some light shine on them.

And, much like shining a light in a dark and dingy basement, when the light goes on, the cockroaches scatter. As goes ALEC.

From Me – Congratulations to every one of you who is standing up in the fight against ALEC.

It IS nice to see the Kochroaches fleeing!!!

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