Friday, July 13, 2012

NY to Frack the Poor

Excellent article at CMD this week,
Brings out two key issues

A couple snips – recommend reading the whole thing.

Gasland director Josh Fox released a short film last month targeting the Democratic governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, for his plan to open economically distressed parts of the state to hydraulic fracturing or "fracking." The 18-minute film skewers Cuomo for his plans and exposes oil and gas industry internal documents which detail that some of corporations also have concerns about well safety and water contamination.
If you haven’t seen Gasland – you should!!!!!!!!
Have a Gasland party –

Cuomo's Plan Targets Impoverished Counties

A fracking moratorium has been in place since 2010 so that the state could conduct an investigation on the environmental impacts of fracking and develop new rules to govern this industry. A draft of Cuomo's new plan for fracking in the state, which was leaked to the New York Times, shows that the administration has plans to allow fracking in four impoverished counties. The drilling would happen in those counties only in towns that permit it, but not in areas of historical significance.

With the controversial practice of fracking, large amounts of water, chemicals, and sand are drilled into shale deposits to extract oil and gas, but the chemicals have been exempt from regulation under the Safe Water Drinking Act because they are deemed "trade secrets," under a rule called the "Haliburton Loophole." The practice has been linked to water and air contamination. The Marcellus Shale, which extends across a swath of eastern states, has already been heavily fracked in states like Pennsylvania.

Fox asks a New York Times reporter: "If the New York Department of Environmental Conservation is so confident that the process protects the environment, why not put the first 100 wells in the New York City watershed? Or truck the first 1,000 truckloads of "treated" waste to the reservoir in Central Park? Or perhaps put the first gas refinery and compressor station in Scarsdale or Westchester? Why put it out in an economically depressed area with very little political clout?"
The poor – who needs to protect the poor?
Let them eat cake – and drink water that you can set on fire and get cancer and die!

Read the whole article >>>>HERE<<<<<

It’s pretty enlightening on how commerce and some government officials view the lower and middle class.

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