Saturday, July 28, 2012

ALEC - Its Our Party & We'll Cry If We Want To

This has been a tough week for ALEC.

From the amazing Lisa Graves, Center for Media and Democracy / PR Watch

Special Report from Salt Lake: ALEC Exposed, ALEC Diminished
Salt Lake Tribune's headline read "ALEC says it won't be threatened," the news story in the state's leading paper featured two prominent critiques of ALEC.

Inside, the opinion page included a massive editorial cartoon by Pat Bagley featuring the punch line to the joke: "A Legislator Walks Into a Bar."

As ALEC legislators turned for comfort to Fox News, the local Fox affiliate filed an investigative report by Max Roth, detailing what CMD has uncovered about ALEC's task forces -- that corporate lobbyists and legislators vote as equals on "model" legislation -- and quoting from ALEC's public bylaws that say state legislative leaders of ALEC have a "duty" to get ALEC bills introduced into law, all while ALEC claims it does not lobby.

At the end of that news segment, Arizona state Rep. Peggy Judd admitted she is lobbied at the ALEC conferences

the release of a new report on ALEC's undue influence on Utah,

and the unleashing of a viral new cartoon by Mark Fiori on how a bill becomes a law

On Thursday morning, Color of Change announced that two more huge corporations had left ALEC: General Motors and Walgreens.

And there was this:

And then there was this:

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Someone will probably tell me I have to remove the cartoon - but I wanted people to see it.

This has been a tough week for ol' ALEC.
Couldn’t happen to a better group of fascist terrorists – the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).
Probably all crying on the way home.

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