Saturday, August 2, 2014

#KeepmyTV Advocates Are Getting Jerked Around

My public service announcement
because a lot of people are getting jerked around on Twitter 
they don't know it
and they need to know it

Nastiness in the cable TV industry and it's got a real piece of nasty associated with it.
Real nasty!


Anyone who has antenna (free) TV is seeing ads from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) telling them to contact Congress to KeepMyTV

Here's why
The cable companies are up to some real nastiness in DC that NAB is warning may end up
in free broadcast antenna TV being eliminated
your local broadcast channels being moved from basic service to premium service on the cable lineups

I have every reason to believe NAB 
- if nothing else it doesn't hurt to sent a message to Congress
- just in case
cause the public is always the last to know.

Here's where the right-wing, pro-corporate cable funded slimeballs step in

If you tweet
You immediately gets spammed by the American Television Viewers Association

A twitter activist will send this:
and they get spammed with this.

Misleading Nana - becausetheycan

its happening
over and
over and
over again
(Just proof that this is a major undertaking by ATVA)

American Television Viewers Association (ATVA)
is a division of 

American Television Alliance
  a lobbying group representing multichannel-video providers and cable networks
  a lobby group representing cable and satellite providers
  formed by Time Warner Cable in 201

Time Warner Cable has been one of ATVA's biggest supporters, and has led the funding for its lobbying efforts.

In 2010 the Heartland Institute listed ATA as
Victories: The American Television Alliance, a The [sic] 31-member industry coalition,was formed in July 

The board of American Television Alliance as noted on their 2012 990  included
    American Cable Association
    Time Warner Cable (2)
    past Turner Communications employee

In relation to this issue the American Television Alliance defends themselves in a blog entry
"a sampling of what conservatives are saying"
Who are those conservatives
     Free State Foundation - ALEC member
     Mercatus Center - funded by Koch
     Citizens Against Government Waste - ALEC member 
     L. Gordon Crovitz - who writes for Murdoch media - ALEC member
     National Taxpayers Association - ALEC member
     Taxpayer Protection Alliance - Founded by ALEC scholar - Stephen Moore
     R Street Institute - Cofounded by ex ALEC exec director Alan Smith
     Heritage Foundation - ALEC member
Pro-corporate, free market conservative organizations - all with indirect ties through the American Legislative Exchange Council to the cable and satellite providers that fund American Television Alliance.

Soooo - - - 
The American Television Viewers Association
A group that lobbies for cable and satellite providers
is telling every person like NanaG out there that emails Congress or tweets to friends and family
to #keepmyTV

"Don't worry - Be Happy"
The NAB is lying and
the cable companies will look out for your best interests.