Sunday, December 21, 2014

For 40+ Years I have been a Democratic sheeple, No More

For over 40 years I have pretty much voted a straight Democratic ticket - even when the candidates did not reflect my values.

I am a liberal progressive.
I am a liberal progressive.
Being a liberal progressive - no longer makes me a Democrat.
Many of the values I hold are similar to those of the Democratic party.
In today's political arena the values of the Democratic party are becoming more and more misaligned with my values.

The one thing I do know is that I will never vote for a Republican or a ALEC free-market loving libertarian.

For over 40 years, many times I have voted against my own values - just to support the Democratic party.

Democratic pundits have warned me that not voting Democratic would hand the election over to the Republicans.
Democratic leaders warn that voters such as me will destroy the party.

That's the problem for the Democratic Party - it is not my issue.
Voters like me deserve a voice in our government also.

I only have about 20+ years left to cast my votes.
I will no longer waste them on centrist Democrats who do not hold my values.
I will no longer waste them on Conserva-Dems.
I will no longer waste them on Corporate Democrats..
I will vote third party unless the Democratic party puts candidates on the ballot that reflect my values also.
I will no longer be a Democratic sheeple - voting a straight Democratic ticket because the Democratic party and their pundits tell me it is the right and just thing to do.

I am a liberal progressive.
Being a liberal progressive - no longer makes me a Democrat.
Voters like me deserve a voice in our government also.
Nothing can or will change in our government will change until people start voting their values - instead of voting their party.

And for the rest of my life - I will use my vote to support my liberal progressive values.
If that upsets Democrats reading this - then make sure the candidates that are put on the ballot reflect my values also, and are not centrist right-leaning Democrats, Conserva-Dems or Corporate Democrats.
If that upsets Democrats reading this - then go out and recruit another person who will vote for centrist right-leaning Democrats, Conserva-Dems or Corporate Democrats to replace my vote.
If that upsets Democrats reading this - then do something about it - I say that, cause I know you won't.

And finally - in regards to being judged by other Dems - do you think I care at this point?
Everyone has the right to vote for whomever they please  - so I've heard.

Belonging to a political party is a choice.
Voting with a political party is a choice.

I no longer owe anyone or any party my vote.
I will vote my values.

I WILL NOT SUPPORT OR VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON - a centrist right-leaning Democrat and Corporate Democrat.

I will no longer be a Democratic sheeple
- voting Democratic cause the Democratic party or their pundits tell me it is the right and just thing to do.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Is Comcast Stealing Your Bandwidth?

That's a good question
and you should think about it very seriously especially as more and more things become internet dependent.

Case in point.

I hold down a full time job.
The only time I am at home during the day is when I am sick.

In the past year, I have been home sick 2 days.
On BOTH of those days - at 8am - my internet bandwidth basically disappeared at my home.

This leads me to believe that Comcast was re-routing the bandwidth to their business customers and away from residential customers during the day.

At night - I can have multiple livestreams, social media sites and webpages open and running at the same time.

Today - during the day, I can't tweet and livestream Democracy Now at the same time.
I complained about this in a tweet and I had multiple people come back with replies that the same thing happens to them.

Think about it.
When Comcast says "up to 50 Mbps" - they evidently mean
residential customers can expect way less that that - during the day.

I am concerned about this - cause next year I will be home during the day ON A REGULAR basis, which means I will have horseshit bandwidth every day, during business hours.

Comcast - a piece of shit internet provider - that some of us are forced to use.

Monday, November 3, 2014

ALEC Is & Should Be A Campaign Issue

Being a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council is and should be a campaign issue.
This past week, a PAC released letters identifying ALEC members in various states, and ALEC HQ blew a gasket and released a presser – that is, as usual full of inaccuracies and misleading statements.

Regardless of whether its dark money or not
THANK YOU to the Patriot Majority for the robocalls and mailers on ALEC legislators.

To ALEC members all I can say is
    Too bad, so sad
    You made your ALEC bed, now lie in it
    Oh, how I hope America will
    And kick your extremist, conservative, pro-corporate ALEC butts out of office

On to the real purpose of this entry,  ALEC’s response to becoming a campaign issue.

This week, robocalls and letters dropped in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan and Maine, targeting state lawmakers who are members of ALEC. The attack letters call ALEC a secretive “corporate special interest” group that buys politicians with ”lavish, all-expenses-paid vacations.”

    ALEC information is not secret: financials, policy, draft proposals
       and publications are available online
    Meetings are not closed: anyone can register
    Journalists come to meetings
    ALEC meetings are held in convention center hotels, such as the
         Marriott in Kansas City and Oklahoma City
There are some major issues with these misleading statements made by ALEC.
Best get to it.

ALEC never disputes the statement
            "corporate special interest” group that buys politicians
            with ”lavish, all-expenses-paid vacations.”
Cause it’s true.

It's important for you to realize that only the information that ALEC wants the public to see is on its webpages.
On its webpage you will not find
   The ALEC    Voter ID bill
   The ALEC    Stand Your Ground Bill
There are many horrific pieces of legislation that ALEC has pushed that are intentionally not posted on the ALEC webpage.
Instead of taking credit for the evil they produce – ALEC distances itself from its role in these horrific pieces of legislature by basically saying
“If its not on our webpage, we didn’t do it”,
A blatant lie used against activists that have exposed its legislation.

“Meetings” are not open – “meetings” are closed
The “conference” is open – anyone can register – if you want to give ALEC your money to go to a few lunches with keynote speakers and maybe some parties if ALEC doesn't kick you out first.
The "meetings" are restricted.
From the 2014 ALEC Task Force Operating Procedures
A.  The membership of a Task Force consists of legislators
who are members in good standing of ALEC and
are duly appointed to the Task Force, in accordance with Section VI (A)
and private sector organizations that are full members of ALEC,
contribute to the assessment for the Task Force operating budget,
and are duly appointed to the Task Force, in accordance with
Section VI (B).
AND if you think you will just get a hotel room at the “conference hotel” and just hangout and see who is there – be prepared for ALEC security to kick you out of the hotel – if they don’t like you  

Notice how they state
“Journalists come to meetings.”
"come to meetings.”
No - they come to the "conference"
Journalists do show up at the "conference"– but that does NOT mean they get to go into the “meetings”.
They can go to keynote speeches – but NOT the “meetings”.

In addition – ALEC media rulings state
ALEC does not allow journalists to register as media for the purpose of writing a personal blog, or for persons whose news outlet is funded by an individual; political candidate or party; nonprofit; or activist/lobbying organization.
ALEC staff interprets that ruling very broadly.
  my [media] application would be denied on the grounds that the Center for Media and Democracy was an "advocacy organization." -

Beau Hodai, a staff writer for the print magazine In These Times, was denied credentials after writing stories critical of ALEC.
Olivia Ward, an investigative reporter with the Toronto Star, who was told she could not observe an ALEC meeting about budget policies even though she had press credentials issued by ALEC for the meeting. -
Al Jazeera America was also denied press credentials in New Orleans. –
 “Our business meetings are not open, and so the subcommittee meetings and task force meetings are not open,” explained Bill Meierling,”

There were dozens of press credentials laid out on ALEC conference's check-in table when I arrived Thursday morning. Mother Jones' was not among them. ALEC's board of directors had refused my request for credentials, according to spokesman Bill Meierling.

When asked why I'd been turned away, Meierling pointed to our previous coverage of ALEC and said it's clear that Mother Jones "fundamentally hates" ALEC.

Nuff said
History of not being friendly to press.

Fifth and last.
ALEC meetings are held in convention center hotels
Depends on how you define that.
They push the "Marriott" but don't mention these 

2011 – Annual Meeting Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City's Grand America Hotel, the only AAA Five Diamond hotel in Salt Lake City.

2011 Winter Meeting - Scottsdale

2012 Annual Meeting - Chicago
The Palmer House Hotel is a famous and historic hotel in Chicago in the city's Loop area. It currently operates under the full name Palmer House - A Hilton Hotel.
As written up in Forbes   

2013 Annual Meeting - Dallas
the hotel features a unique Asian-designed atrium lobby complemented by reflecting pools, greenery and comfortable seating areas. Hilton Anatole is home to one of the largest Asian art collections in the world, with more than 1,000 pieces of fine art on display throughout the hotel.

Spend time browsing this Dallas hotel’s valuable collection of over 1,000 fine art pieces and antiques dating back as early as 500 BC


Going back to where we started
ALEC never disputes the statement
            corporate special interest” group that buys politicians
            with ”lavish, all-expenses-paid vacations.”
Cause it’s true.
You have  $3,000 state dinners for legislators paid for by lobbyists.

for stupid people willing to believe.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

VOTE NO TO ALEC in November 

The American Legislative Exchange Council is one nasty, evil organization.
The American Legislative Exchange Council hates the control of the Federal government.
The American Legislative Exchange Council hates control at the local level.
American Legislative Exchange Council members only want
evil ALEC state legislative members to have control.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Vote No to ALEC to Take Back the House

Thirty days until the mid-term election.
People are wondering - - - wringing their hands - - - -

What can we do
for the Dems to keep the US Senate
for the Dems to get the US House

As in the states - one way to go about it - is #VoteNo2ALEC

Members of the extremist, pro-corporate American Legislative Exchange Council running for Congress are listed below
90 members running for the US House
9 members running for the US Senate

                                  ALEC                                SEAT                        OPPONENT

Michael Rogers
US House District 3
Jesse Smith

Don Young
US House At Large
Forrest Dunbar

Andy Tobin
US House District 1
Ann Kirkpatrick

Matt Salmon
US House District 5
James Woods

David Schweikert
US House District 6
John Williamson

Dan Logue
U.S. House District 3
John Garamendi

Tom McClintock
U.S. House District 4
Art Moore (R)

Paul Cook
U.S. House District 8
Bob Conway

Jeff Denham
U.S. House District 10
Michael Eggman

Ed Royce
U.S. House District 39
Peter Anderson

Lucille Roybal-Allard
U.S. House District 40
David Sanchez
For over a decade Roybal-Allard was listed as an ALEC Alum in Congress
In 2011 her name was dropped from the list
Don't know why - her choice - or not?

Cory Gardner
U.S. Senate
Mark Udall

Scott Tipton
US House District 3
Abel Tapia

Doug Lamborn
US House District 5
Irv Halter

Mike Coffman
US House District 6
Andrew Romanoff

Jeff Miller
US House District 1
James Bryan

Steve Southerland
US House District 2
Gwen Graham

John Mica
US House District 7
Wesley Neuman

Bill Posey
US House District 8
Gabriel Rothblatt

Daniel Webster
US House District 10
Michael Patrick McKenna

Dennis Ross
US House District 15
Alan Cohn

Mario Diaz-Balart
US House District 25

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
US House District 27

Lynn Westmoreland
US House District 4

Tom Price
US House District 6
Robert Montigel

Austin Scott
US House District 8

Doug Collins
US House District 9
David Vogel

Barry Loudermilk
US House District 11

Tom Graves
US House District 14

Raul Labrador
US House District 1
Shirley Ringo

Mike Simpson
US House District 2
Richard Stallings

Jim Risch
US Senate
Nels Mitchell

Darlene Senger
US House District 11
Bill Foster

Mike Bost
US House District 12
Bill Enyart

Jim Oberweis
Dick Durbin

Jackie Walorski
US House District 2
Joe Bock

Marlin Stutzman
US House District 3
Justin Kuhnle

Steve King
US House District 4
Jim Mowrer

Joni Ernst
US Senate
Bruce Braley

Lynn Jenkins
US House District 2
Margie Wakefield

Kevin Yoder
US House District 3
Kelly Kultala

Brett Guthrie
US House District 2
Ron Leach

Andy Harris
US House District 1
Bill Tilghman

Bill Huizenga
US House District 2
Dean Vanderstat

Justin Amash
US House District 3
Bob Goodrich

John Moolenaar
US House District 4
Jeff Holmes

Tim Walberg
US House District 7
Pam Byrnes

Mike Bishop
US House District 8
Eric Schertzing

Erik Paulsen
U.S. House District 3
Sharon Sund

Alan Nunnelee
U.S. House District 1
Ron Dickey

Steven Palazzo
U.S. House District 4
Matt Moore

Blaine Leutkemeyer
U.S. House District 3
Courtney Denton

Vicky Hartzler
U.S. House District 4
Nate Irvin

Sam Graves
U.S. House District 6
Bill Hedge

Jason Smith
U.S. House District 8
Barbara Hamill Stocker

Adrian Smith
U.S. House District 3
Mark Sullivan

Crescent Hardy
U.S. House District 4
Steven Horsford

Marlinda Garcia
U.S. House District 2
Ann Kuster

Frank LoBiondo
House District 2
Bill Hughes 

Scott Garret
House District 5
Roy Cho

Rodney Frelinhuysen
House District 11
Mark Dunec

Steve Pearce
US House 2
Roxanne Rocky Lara

Walter Jones
U.S. House District 3
Marshall Adame

David Rouzer
U.S. House District 7
Jonathan Barfield

Thom Tillis
US Senate
Kay Hagan

John Adams
US House District 3
Joyce Beatty

Jim Jordan
US House District 4

Bob Latta
US House District 5
Robert Fry

Bob Gibbs
US House District 7

John Boehner
US House District 8
Tom Poetter

Pat Tibari
US House District 12
David Tibbs

Steve Stivers
US House District 15
Scott Wharton

Frank Lucas
US House District 3
Frankie Robbins

Tom Cole
US House District 4
Bert Smith

Jim Inhofe
US Senate
Matt Silverstein

Mike Fitzpatrick
U.S. House - District 8
Kevin Strouse

Charles Dent
U.S. House - District 15

Joseph Pitts
U.S. House - District 16
Tom Houghton

Joe Wilson
US House District 2
Phil Black

Jeff Duncan
US House District 3
Barbara Jo Mullis

Lindsay Graham
US Senate
Brad Hutto

Tim Scott
US Senate
Joyce Dickerson

Kristi Noem
US House District 1
Corrine Robinson

Scott DesJarlais
US House District 4
Lenda Sherrell

Diane Black
US House District 6
Amos Powers

Marsha Blackburn
US House District 7
Daniel Cramer

Sam Johnson
US House – District 3

John Culberson
US House – District 7
James Cargas

Kevin Brady
US House – District 8

Randy Weber
US House – District 14
Donald Brown

Ken Marchant
US House  - District 24
Patrick McGehearty

Randy Forbes
US House District 4
Elliott Fausz

Morgan Griffith
US House District 9
Ind William Carr

Jaime Herrera Beutler
US House - District 3
Bob Dingethal

Cathy McMorris Rodgers
US House - District 5
Joe Pakootas

Alec Mooney
US House District 2
Nick Casey

Glenn Grothman
US House District 6
Mark Harris

Mike Enzi
USA Senate
Charlie Hardy

Cynthia Lummis
US House District 1
Richard Grayson
ALEC doesn't show Lummis as an ALEC Alumni in Congress
But she should be - don't know what's going on there.