Friday, July 27, 2012

Kan$a$ ALEC Members - DOUBLE DIPPING???

At least eight Kansas legislators, including two who are not seeking re-election, registered through Kansas Legislative Administrative Services to go to the Salt Lake City meeting.

Those registered to attend are state Sens. Julia Lynn of Olathe and Garrett Love of Montezuma; state Reps. Mike Burgess of Topeka, Terry Calloway of Pittsburg, Amanda Grosserode of Lenexa, Gary Hayzlett of Lakin, Joe Seiwert of Pretty Prairie, and Gene Suellentrop of Wichita.

Calloway and Hayzlett are not seeking re-election and their terms will expire in January.
Vacation – vacation – FREE vacation   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kansas taxpayers will be paying the registration fees of the legislators, according to the Kansas Legislative Administrative Services office. The fees are $475 each, except for Lynn and Suellentrop whose were $575 each due to late registration, according to the office.

OOPS – DOUBLE DIPPING????????????????????
 From the ALEC by-laws

The ALEC scholarship can be sent right to their home address.

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