Friday, July 13, 2012

MN IUOE 49 Doesn't Support Labor

Here's some info - that folks should know about Cravaack and his "jobs" agenda.
From the Right Wing
The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), a public policy organization dedicated to the principles of free markets and limited government, has created a Congressional Labor Scorecard for the 112th Congress focusing on worker issues. The score is determined based on policies that support worker freedom and the elimination of Big Labor's privileges across the country.

    Votes in the current Congress score include:
    Votes in the current Congress score include:
    Bill: H.R. 658, LaTourette Amendment No. 21: NO on repealing changes to the Railway Labor Act's voting rules.
    Bill: H.R. 658, Gingrey Amendment No. 18: YES to prohibit Federal Aviation Administration employees from using official--that is, taxpayer sponsored--time for union activities during the official workday.
    Bill: H.R. 1, Price Amendment No. 410: YES to defund the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).
    Bill: H.R. 1, Guinta Amendment No. 166: YES to prohibit imposing "prevailing wage" and other requirements in project labor agreements that advantage unionized contractors.
    Bill: H.R. 2017, Scalise Amendment No. 388: YES to prohibit project labor agreements in DHS contracts
    Bill: H.R. 2055, LaTourette Amendment No. 411: NO on funding for federal project labor agreements.
    Bill: H.R. 1, King Amendment No. 273: YES to eliminate the "Davis Bacon" prevailing wage rate requirement for federal projects.
    Bill: H.R. 2017, Gosar Amendment No. 386: YES to eliminate the "Davis Bacon" prevailing wage rate requirement for Department of Homeland Security contracts.
    Bill: H.R. 2354: Gosar Amendment No. 655: YES to restrict application of the Davis-Bacon Act to contracts exceeding $20 million.
    Bill: H.R. 2017: Rokita Amendment No. 2: YES to prohibit collective bargaining at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

From another post
He's [Cravaack ] voted against the U.S. Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act. This bill would require that US caller be told of where the call center they've been connected to is located and give callers the option to get connected to a US-based call center.

From one of his potential campaign opponents
(Duluth, MN) – Tuesday,Congressman Cravaack voted again to protect companies that outsource jobs instead of the middle class families in his district. Cravaack’s latest vote blocked consideration of a proposal that would have stopped government loans and grants from going to companies that outsource their call centers.

The International Union of Operating Engineers announced that it supports GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack's reelection bid. 
The move will allow Cravaack to note on signs, in ads and in campaign lit that he's "Labor Endorsed" in a union friendly district.

Don't these fools know that the right wing was pushing to make Minnesota a RIGHT TO WORK FOR LESS state this past session?
What in the hell is this union thinking?

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