Saturday, July 14, 2012

ALEC Interference Reflects Badly on USA

Earlier I wrote an entry about the interference of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in Australian law in regards to Austrlia's attempt to institute plain packaging on cigarettes.

When ALEC did that - they pissed off more than one Austrlian legislator - as evidenced in my previous entry.

Today - it's become an issue in the UK - ALEC interfering where they have no right to -
Someone needs to tell the world that the American Legislative Exchange Council is a rogue - right-wing extrmist organzation that needs to be stopped.

Some snips from the article in the Guardian:
Please take the time to read the whole thing  >>>>HERE<<<

US free market group tries to halt sales of cigarettes in plain packets in UK
Alec,      moves to derail UK government's proposals

A powerful US lobbying group that bankrolls climate change sceptics and leading members of the Tea Party is mobilising British opposition against plans to sell cigarettes in plain packs.

As the UK government considers the proposals, it has emerged the American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec), an organisation sponsored by big tobacco and other corporate interests, is playing a key role in trying to scupper them.

Alec, which proclaims its "belief in the power of free markets and limited government to propel economic growth", has warned countries looking to impose plain packaging that they will be violating intellectual property provisions laid down by the World Trade Organisation, opening themselves to legal challenges.

Alec also persuaded politicians from around the world to back a trade resolution attacking the European Union ban on snus, a moist smokeless tobacco product that comes in fruit flavours and is targeted at younger consumers.

The organisation's attempts to influence the debate outside its native US has angered health campaigners. "Alec's free-market rhetoric may work in the US but it won't wash here in the UK," said Deborah Arnott, chief executive of Action on Smoking and Health (Ash).

Also in that article you have this
Karla Jones, Alec's taskforce director, briefed members of its international taskforce at a luxury retreat that such a move threatened major business interests. Jones told those attending: "Among the countries considering plain packaging bills are Canada, the UK and Australia, and if passed, plain packaging regulations could effectively deprive corporations of what is often their most valuable asset, their brand, trademark and/or logo."

Really folks – don’t tobacco companies have enough money to fight their own battles ??
Really folks -
– Why in the hell does ALEC have to get involved in everything – worldwide????
– Oh, yeah - to protect ALEC's revenue stream from their Corporate Profit Sector donors.

The American Legislative Exchange Council is pissing off the world with their interference.
The American Legislative Exchange Council is pissing off the United States with their interference.
Maybe if we are lucky the world will join us in the destruction of ALEC.

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