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Market Driven - Patient Centered Reform

I’m sure you’re familiar with the choice on your remote control that is for
Block this channel
Skip this channel
Or any other parental control type of channel blocking

Well I activated mine for our local CBS channel – where Americans for Prosperity is playing their anti-Obama (care) ad for the Minnesota right wing base.  I never know when that piece of filth will come on – so I blocked the channel.

Our local CBS channel doesn’t show up as an option to watch anymore on my TV – so much for watching CBS shows that I once enjoyed watching.

At the end of that nasty ad – they espouse their devotion to “patient centered reform” and a lot of Republican politicians are using the phrase “patient centered reform” and I wanted to know what it was.  And that is where I have spent my day.

Research: “patient centered reform”
If you Google
“patient centered reform”
For the period of 1/1/1984 – 12/31/2000
You find NOTHING – except one Japanese article.

If you Google
“patient centered reform”
For the period of 1/1/2001 – 12/31/2004
You find NOTHING – except one Hong Kong article and one reference to a class syllabus

If you Google
“patient centered reform”
For the period of 1/1/2005 – 12/31/2008
You find 16 hits.  Mostly just stuff and then these interesting bits:
ALEC member Heritage Foundation has a document out there. 

HealthPartners’ 2008 Policy platform includes this:
The fundamental role of government is to promote and protect the health of the public, but it does so increasingly in collaboration with the private sector. The private sector can be broadly defined to include purchasers, health plans, hospitals, healthcare providers, media, businesses and other nonprofit service organizations.

The Mayo Clinic has a 2007 document that watermarks it on a document – but nowhere defines it. 

And then there is this 2007 bit
Statement of Governor Mitt Romney to the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease
I also believe that my market-based, patient-centered reform plan will continue to promote the innovation and creativity that will one day bring an end to many chronic diseases.

Steve Keltner’s campaign page links you to a “an academic paper” that starts with
Suggesting the ills of the American health care system can be solved by replacing the free market plan with the government funded plan (or vise versa) is as ridiculous a notion as attempting to fix problems of public safety by replacing the police department with the fire department.
Really bad logic – in that first sentence.
It makes me wonder if any of the Repugs took a logic class in college.
If A=B then B= C, then A=C     NOT!!!! In this case.
This is the kind of crap that Repugs spew out -

If you Google
“patient centered reform”
For the period of 1/1/2009 – 12/31/2010
You get 222 hits.

If you Google
“patient centered reform”
For the period of 1/1/2011 – 12/31/2012
You get 768 hits.

If you Google
“patient centered reform” “SPN”
For the period of 1/1/1984 – 12/31/2012
You get 1 hit from 2009

This fall, the Illinois Policy Institute spearheaded the Patient-Centered Reform initiative, partnering with 33 state-based think tanks to present free-market health care reforms based on the work of renowned economist Art Laffer. Learn more at  IPI also held sold-out events with Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who discussed Indiana's business-friendly environment, and former Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt, who addressed government transparency. Additionally, the Institute also unveiled, which will give Illinois taxpayers an online X-ray machine focused on state spending, including state pension data. Along with the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, the Institute released the report "Getting Less for More," which gave a failing grade to state higher education in Illinois and ideas for improvement. Jerry Agar, a top radio host at Chicago's WGN-AM, joined the Institute as a multimedia fellow. Agar's blogs and podcasts are available at
Illinois Policy Institute is a member of the American Legislative Exchange council (ALEC)
Daniels is an ALEC Alum
American Council for Trustees and Alumni is/was an ALEC member
Blunt is repeatedly acknowledged in ALEC publications since 2007  for government initiatives he put into place.

BUT, you do have this

PatientCenteredReform  2009 Webpage
© State Policy Network. All rights reserved.

State Policy Network, "Chairman" level sponsor of and exhibitor at 2011 ALEC Annual Conference[4] ($50,000 in 2010)[5]

If you look at their webpage listing of experts:
You will find representatives from
the following ALEC members: Texas Public Policy Foundation   Illinois Policy Institute  Pacific Research Institute   Independence Institute    Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs   Washington Policy Center 

these nasty right wing extremist groups: Goldwater Institute   Manhattan Institute for Policy Research   Mackinac Center for Public Policy   Center of the American Experiment   John Locke Foundation 

and a bunch of state-based free market ALEC mini-me’s : Wyoming Policy Institute   Kansas Policy Institute  Rhode Island Center for Freedom and Prosperity   Alabama Policy Institute   The Beacon Center of Tennessee   North Dakota Policy Council   Wyoming Liberty Group   Georgia Public Policy Foundation   Idaho Freedom Foundation  Nevada Policy Research Institute  South Carolina Policy Council   Pelican Institute for Public Policy   Show-Me Institute   Montana Policy Institute   Pacific Research Institute   Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions   Cascade Policy Institute   Maine Heritage Policy Center 

And if you research ALEC publications – patient centered reform is always coupled with another construct – market driven
Inside ALEC October 2007
This was way before "Obamacare"
Statement of Principles on Health IT
This statement affirms ALEC’s position that health information technology should be patient-centered and market-driven.

Inside ALEC | July 2009
As federal lawmakers bandy about with different health reform plans, state legislators need sound policy analysis, anecdotes and statistics to fight for patient-centered solutions.

Luckily, ALEC’s coalition partners have published some great material that you can use in your next floor speech,

ALEC Letter
July 29, 2009
Dear Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi:
ALEC is a national leader in promoting many patient-centered health reforms at the state level, including:
(a list of ALEC “model” legislation)

Our health policy staff welcomes the chance to work with you on developing patient-centered, free-market reforms—and we look forward to sharing with you the stories of ALEC’s state legislators who are advancing and achieving these goals every day.

Inside ALEC JULY 2010
Gaining Momentum: Long-Term Care Taking Root in States
by sen . renee unterman (ga ) |
See how some states are experiencing success with patient-centered, affordable programs to serve the long-term care population.
Damn I wish ALEC would get the hell away from “long-term” care – makes me wonder if I’m going to end up in some type of ALEC corporate sector  run concentration camp for seniors, in couple of years.

Inside ALEC JULY 2010
Other states have passed free market health care reform measures. State leaders have worked together for years through ALEC to bring fundamental changes to health care—helping to create a more patient-centered system that is prevention focused, affordable, portable, and rewards people for making healthy choices. We must act now to preserve people’s freedom to choose their own health care. We must resolve to develop state-based, free-market solutions rather than accept more government control of our lives.

Inside ALEC JULY 2010
We need reform that is prevention-focused and patient-centered.

ALEC Letter
January 6, 2011
Speaker John Boehner

On behalf of ALEC’s legislative members, we are writing to express our support of your efforts to repeal the costly Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and replace the legislation with affordable, sustainable, patient-centered, and market-driven health policy reforms.

Thank you for your leadership in working to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. ALEC legislators look forward to working with you to advance our mutual goals of affordable, sustainable, patient-centered, and market driven health reform.

Inside ALEC | June 2011
Author Bio
Spencer Harris joined Texas Public Policy Foundation in 2010 as a Health Care Policy Analyst. His research focuses on identifying patient-centered, free market solutions for Texas’ health care challenges.

The State Legislators Guide to Repealing ObamaCare
© 2011 American Legislative Exchange Council
The State Legislators Guide to Repealing ObamaCare will be an essential tool as you look to halt ObamaCare’s harmful effects and implement real healthcare reform that is both market-oriented and patient-centered. Specifically, this guide will help you:

Inside ALEC | January 2012
    state lawmakers should not stall in their efforts in continuing to bring patient-centered, market-oriented healthcare solutions to their citizens. Regardless of any decision, the commitment to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, and free markets will not be diminished.

So when you hear the phrase “patient centered reform”
coming from the mouth of a republican talking head.
Know that “patient centered reform” is a free-market solution
Know that “patient centered reform” is a free-market healthcare reform
Know that “patient centered reform” is market driven
Know that “patient centered reform” is market oriented

Know that “patient centered reform” has everything to do with corporate profit and nothing to do with patients.  Probably means - patient centered reform - focused on theemptying the  patients pocketbook in teh fastest possible manner.

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