Thursday, July 5, 2012

ALEC's Party Planning for SLC Annual Meeting

The American Legislative Exchange council (ALEC) and their corporate profit members (aka lobbyists) are going to make sure that state legislators have a grand old time.

We have a great restaurant for Missouri Night, but need to get an exact headcount for them and transportation.

Here are the Companies that are paid sponsors:  MTIA, AMEC, CenturyLink, Express Scripts, RAI, AT&T, MCTA, Comcast, Gamble & Schlemeier, Ameren, Peabody Energy.
See the invite  >>>HERE<<<<

I wonder how many palms are going to be greased that night.

Here’s to champagne wishes and caviar dreams – for the ALEC Missouri members.

Oh – BTW – each state has one of these!!!  Your ALEC legislators won’t be left out of the parties and cocktails and swapping your rights for gratuities from corporate lobbyists – during the day and late into the wonderful Utah evening.

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