Saturday, July 21, 2012

Have an Anti-ALEC Rally - Fri 7/27 - Madison IS!

Found this - this morning

Wisconsin has a tendency to lead the nation -

And what a great way to "celebrate" the beginning of the ALEC convention in Salt Lake City.

Anti-ALEC Convention Kickoff
Action against the American Legislative Exchange Council, 5 pm, 7/27,
Capitol Square-State Street
corner. 575-7683

When: 07/27/12 @ 5:00pm
Call: xxx-xxxx

More Information:
Kick-off to the Anti - A.L.E.C. (American Legislative Exchange Council) Convention. 5-7 PM, Top of
State St.
- "30 on the Square," Friday, July 27. Miles- xxx-xxxx

Capitol Square
Madison , WI

Wouldn't it be great - is this happened across the United States
- Same day - same time.

I know it won't happen in Minnesota
for the most part - Minnesotans don't appear to be concerned about ALEC.

- so I'm thinking about driving to Madison.

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