Sunday, May 11, 2014

ALEC - Exercising 1st Amendment Right = Communism

Saw this tweet today - can't go unreported

Let's take a up-close look at that!

An ALEC fund raising letter written after the Kansas City protest - by ALEC Executive Director, Ron Scheberle
Note picture of KC protesters at the top of the letter.

Peaceful protesters
The left has openly attacked America's founding principles during the "fundamental transformation" of our great country.
Huh? What the hell does that mean - new RW meme?
With wealthy benefactors and powerful accomplices, they feel emboldened to openly advocate Communism on our streets.
"wealthy benefactors" - no one paid my way
"wealthy benefactors" - ALEC is bringing up "wealthy benefactors" - really, really - like they don't have their hand in pockets of corporations for 98% of their funding?
"wealthy benefactors"  Really ALEC - you can not go there!

"powerful accomplices" - who the working poor with picket signs, the disabled vet with a picket sign?  Who the hell are they talking about?

"openly advocate Communism on our streets"?
Protesters - expressing our first amendment right to free speech and assembly - which by the way, ALEC uses as their key phrase to protect themselves from disclosure of their secretive ways - is now COMMUNISM?  
People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw around words like that!
ALEC was screaming about their first amendment rights just last year and throughout the year.  So if ALEC is going to go down that street - using first amendment rights = communism, then ALEC is a bunch of communists.
ALEC members proudly stand for limited government, free markets and federalism.  But now we need your help.  Will you stand with ALEC to defend out nations' founding principles against these Communist attacks?
Grey haired men and women - vets in wheelchairs - workers without a pot to piss in - holding up protest signs and yelling at a hotel wall for 10 minutes, from across the street, is a "communist attack?"
Really - ALEC!  REALLY?
ALEC needs MORE MONEY to defend itself against people standing across the street, while ALEC is protected by a line of police flanking the hotel entry.  You cowardly ALECers peek out from behind the hotel curtains of your posh hotel room - paid for by corporations - and you yell "communists".
Sorry bunch of wimpy, baby, losers!  

Better pack your Depends for the Texas meeting - cause if the KC bunch of "communists" made you pee your pants - wait til Dallas.

ALEC has crawled onto the crazy train - telling people in a fundraising letter that using the first amendment rights to protest is a communist attack on the country. 

ALEC has moved from real life into the fictional world of movie scripts (from the 6th sense) 
ALEC is telling funders - "I see communists"
   In your dreams? 
   While you're awake? 
   Walking around like regular people. They don't see each other. 
   They only see what they want to see.   
   They don't know they're   ... communists. 
    How often do you see them? 
    All the time. They're everywhere.

Please click here to donate today and together, we can stand firm against open calls for a Communist America.
Ron Scheberle
Executive Director 
The American Legislative Exchange Council  has crossed the boundary,  to crazy behavior. The nut jobs have escaped the asylum and publicized their insanity.
I use to think they were just extremists - now I think they are crazy dangerous extremists.

With this type of inflammatory rhetoric being thrown around by the ALEC Executive Director - what is next on the ALEC legislation agenda?  Is there a piece of ALEC legislation in the hopper for approval that reinstates the McCarthy hearings - to identify and persecute protesters who dare use their first amendment rights?

And your state legislator belongs to this organization?
Oh, my.

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