Monday, May 19, 2014

KY - Kick ALECers Out at Your Primaries

Kentucky - primaries are coming up.

People need to know the real politics of candidates at the state, local and county level.
The race is on by the GOP to put extremists in office and this list has a few of them.

How do people get on an ALEC list?
That question comes up all the time.  The most common are:
  They serve on ALEC task forces
  They have paid ALEC dues through their campaign finances
  They self identified themselves somewhere , anywhere as an ALEC member.
  They have been shown as a signatory on an ALEC letter.
  They have been listed by ALEC as a member, in ALEC documents.
  They have been “outed” by a credible source, on the web.
  They have attended an ALEC meeting.
  They previously were employed by ALEC and now work in government.

Because these were pulled from the web and historical documents some of the people listed are no longer living and some of them are claiming they kicked ALEC to the curb – which I question (I think they say that just to get re-elected).

Current ALEC Member/Close Ties Affiliations
This one is pretty evident – the main purpose for knowing the people who are currently affiliated with the extremist, pro-corporate American Legislative Exchange Council is to get them out of government - any and all government.

We must make sure that all current ALEC government employees are not re-elected or not re-appointed. 

Some of the names on the list are candidates who ran for office and were not elected.  As part of their campaign expenses, they paid for an ALEC membership.  We must make sure that these people are never elected to public office and they want to be elected.

Past ALEC Member/Close Ties Affiliations
This may seem questionable to some – but it is as important as making sure that current members are not re-elected or elected.

It is important to know past members.  Just recently, many past ALEC members crawled out from behind the baseboards (like the Kochroaches they are) to run for office again or for appointments to state and federal commissions and other offices.  Because these people were not on the current lists which are posted elsewhere – they went unnoticed as ALEC members.
   Past ALEC members are appointed to US government positions.
   Past ALEC members are appointed to state positions.
   Past ALEC members become lobbyists who have influence on your legislation.
   Past ALEC members become judges who have an influence on
      your justice system and decisions.
   Past ALEC members become regents of your universities who have
      an influence on the decisions made in relation to higher education.
   Past ALEC members serve on commissions that affect the running
     of your state.
   Past ALEC members serve on councils or commissions that affect the running
     of your city, your county and your municipalities
   Past and current ALEC members are generational in some states
    (aka family of ALECers)
   Past member run for office again at a later date!!

Past and Present people with ties to ALEC
It's important to remember that all lists published anywhere on the web should be considered incomplete partial lists - because ALEC members hide their membership - because they ashamed to admit they belong to ALEC.

John Ackerson
Denise Harper-Angel
Walter Blevins
Charlie Borders
Fred F Bradley
Tom  Buford
Julian M Carroll
Ron Crimm
Robert R Damron
Jim DeCesare
Julie  Denton
Joseph M Fischer
Danny Ford
Carroll Gibson
David P Givens
Brett Guthrie
Mike  Harmon
Kenneth F Harper
Ernie Harris
Bob Heleringer
Melvin B Henley
Jimmy Higdon
Brent Housman
Tom Jensen
Louis Johnson
Ray S Jones, II
Danny C Kelly
Alice Kerr
Kim King
Bill  Lile
Marshall Long
Paul  Marcotte
Vernie D McGaha
Clyde Middleton
Brad Montell
Virgil Moore
Gerald A Neal
Clarend D Noland, Jr
Anne M Northup
David Osborne
Ruth Palumbo
Joey Pendleton
Dorsey Ridley
Tom Riner
John Rodgers
Richard L Roeding
Sal Santoro
John Schickel
Daniel J Seum
Tim Shaughnessy
Brandon Smith
Tom Smith
Kathy W Stein
Katie K Stine
Robert Stivers
Susan Stokes
Tommy Todd
Elizabeth Tori
Johnny Ray Turner
Florence D Waide
Jack  Westwood
David  Williams
Jex Williams
Kenneth W Winters
James E Worley
Addia Kathryn  Wuchner
Jill York
Jim Zimmerman

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