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ALEC Uses the Press to Mislead Public - Again!

Oh my  ...
What a web search will turn up early on a Saturday morning.

ALECs PR Poobah is back at it again - misleading the public by using the press.

He used a recent opinion piece - to bash a "a liberal blogger" who it appears, had the audacity to do a presentation on ALEC.

Mr. Meierling  (hate using that but his first name is "bill") - spent the whole first paragraph dissing the person who did the presentation.

Then he spent three sentences trying to justify why he was correct and she was wrong - more on that next.

Then there was a two paragraph, unpaid advertisement for ALEC in the opinion piece.

Oh my  ...
This gets so tedious
having to over and over and over again, show the public how ALEC PR misleads the public

But here goes.

Mr. Meierling's Fallacious Argument

In the second paragraph of his misleading opinion piece, the ALEC PR Poobah supports his claim that the presenter was "uninformed" with three whole sentences, three sentences,  that start with

Nowhere on the website would a visitor find …
Nowhere on the website would a visitor find  
Because these policies do not exist within the organization.

That's his argument for bashing a presenter on ALEC
But - he forgets - there are those of us who know
     That ALEC does not have ALL its nastiness on its webpage.

Lets take one example that most will be familiar with 
- The Stand Your Ground, 
- License to kill, 
- Kill at will  bill 
which ALEC HAS been linked to reportedly in the press.
    known as "The Castle Doctrine"
This bill was posted on the Center for Media and Democracy website in 2011.
It has ALEC's logo on it
It has been tied to ALEC and ALEC legislators many, many times over the past years.

ALEC legislators ARE STILL pushing this bill 
    in states that don't currently have a License to Kill, Kill at Will law.

if you go to the ALEC webpage

             Nowhere on the website would a visitor find …
             Nowhere on the website would a visitor find
             Nowhere on the website would a visitor find …
             Nowhere on the website would a visitor find
According to Mr. Meierling's recent opinion piece
Because these policies do not exist within the organization.
Which you and I know is BULLSHIT!

The infamous Stand your Ground License to Kill - aka ALEC Castle Doctrine Act is not on ALECs webpages
The infamous ALEC Voter ID Act is not on ALECs webpages.

Mr. Meierling suggested that the presenter should have  "visited " to become more informed about ALEC.
How can someone be more "informed" about ALEC
if they rely solely on a webpage 
that intentionally misleads the public 
because the webpage doesn't have all the information needed  "to inform".

ALEC is trying to whitewash its image -
To do that it is intentionally deleting it's history.
ALEC is so terrified that people will find out what they are really about - that they are intentionally and maliciously misleading the public on their webpage, by NOT BEING HONEST about their past.

ALECs history and the history of legislation that ALEC has pushed is the cornerstone of which ALEC was built.  It is who ALEC is - it is what made ALEC, what ALEC is today.
It can not be ignored or intentionally deleted.
Not having access to ALEC history is dangerous for uninformed Americans and I suggest they listen very, very carefully to presenters who do take the time and energy, to give them ALEC history lessons. 
ALEC history is what makes ALEC what it is today and will be in the future.  The American Legislative Exchange Council has a history of being an extremist, pro-corporate, ultra-conservative organization and people need to know that.
“If you don't know history, then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree. ”― Michael Crichton

 “History is important. If you don't know history it is as if you were born yesterday. And if you were born yesterday, anybody up there in a position of power can tell you anything, and you have no way of checking up on it.”― Howard Zinn

“Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.”― Edmund Burke
AND ALEC legislative history is not something we want to repeat.

Going back to the opinion piece - as he opened with Oscar Wilder - I will end with a quote attributed to Oscar Wilde (some attribute it to Ann Rand, really doesn't  matter)

Lie and the world lies with you; tell the truth and the world lies about you.

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