Saturday, March 15, 2014

ALEC - We Hate Local Control

I hate red-light cameras.
Don't get me wrong I've been nabbed by them and I hate them.

But - - -
for the life of me I could never figure out why ALEC had a piece of legislation to eliminate redlight cameras.
I don't agree with anything ALEC does - so why would they have an innocuous piece of legislation - that didn't seem to help out the profit of ALEC corporations
an innocuous piece of legislation- that I agreed with - until now.

Well - - -
Today, five years into my research on ALEC I found out why they wrote it
- in a clip about the bill being passed in MO.
And all the sudden the redlight bulb went off over my head - thinking about how ALEC is trying to destroy everything at the local level.  Destruction of  local school board authority, destruction of  local water systems, destroy municipal broadband, stopping local control over fracking operations,  destruction local phone service, and everything else ALEC state legislators are doing that is pure evil against local governments.

ALECer Stanley Cox makes the reason perfectly clear at minute1:17.

It’s the money to the cities
It’s the ordinances
It the fines that they collect that they get to keep and
It’s all about that

Listen closely
He almost said f#cking fines

We have to start looking closer at ALEC legislation.
We need to know ALEC history on legislation - ALEC has been pushing this legislation to gut local control - SINCE 2001.

In addition to providing new profit centers for ALEC corporate members, the American Legislative Exchange Council is focused on destroying local control and killing local revenue - to limit government at the local level.  ALEC state legislators pushing through legislation at the state level, that destroys control at the local level.

So, when you look at an ALEC bill - - ask
Does it create a new profit center for an ALEC corporate member?
Does it create additional revenues for an ALEC corporate member?

If the answer is no - then ask -
How does it limit local government control, decimate local revenue?

ALEC is one nasty, evil organzation.
ALEC hates the control of the Federal government.
ALEC hates control at the local level.
They only want evil, fascist ALEC member in control.

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