Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pot - New Target for ALEC Corporate Members?

Been watching this for about a month now and it's driving me crazy - 

Main reason is that for decades - decades - agri-business has sat on their a$$es and did nothing, nothing about the pot industry.
And now after decades - decades - of local activism - the pot industry - is becoming legal - the fight has been fought and won
   and NOW the corporations want in 
   and they have found the quickest way in

Saw this on a thread this morning
Hey guys - look who's supporting cannabis!
Michael Correia, a former GOP staffer who spent two years lobbying for the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council, is the newest advocate for the National Cannabis Industry Ass
First of all a little background on Correia
Even tho one post a couple weeks ago - said he had been raised in a Democratic family and he finally had seen the light - my response is b#llshit! He's a right wing hack - his RW philosophy in interviews is straight off the ALEC webpage.
This is like everything else that happens in America right now - it's all about corporate money. 
As more legalization happens the corporations see dollar signs
Who better to have as a Cannabis lobbyist for the cannabis association then:
From 2007 - 2009 he was an ALEC staffer - Director of Federal Affairs
Now stop and think about it folks - this guy is a right-winger.  Has been, always will be.
He has worked for ALEC - his most recent job was working for ALECer Diane Black.

ALEC - where lobbyists meet with legislators behind closed doors.
ALEC - where lobbyists give lazy, ignorant state legislators new legislation to push for their corporations - for the cost of a room at a posh hotel and more food/booze than you can imagine
ALEC - where lobbyists use legislation they write - to forward the profits over people message.
ALEC - where your legislator takes corporate legislation, back to your state 
         - to forward the profits & agenda of ALEC corporate members, over people .

THE ALEC that wrote tough sentencing laws targeting drug users, to fill ALEC corporate private prison members.

Do you think  
Michael Correia - lobbyist for the National Cannabis Industry Association
isn't going to be wining/dining - boozing/schmoozing state legislators at ALEC meetings?
ALEC meetings that he himself went to, just a couple of years ago?

Michael Correia - lobbyist for the National Cannabis Industry Association
will be sitting at the upcoming ALEC meetings 
because he knows
only at an ALEC meeting will he find
- ALEC legislators who will promote corporate legislation 
and the National Cannabis Industry Association is a corporation.

Think about it folks:
  Monsanto pot
  Cargill pot
  Bayer pot
  Syngenta pot
  GMO pot

Michael Correia - lobbyist for the National Cannabis Industry Association
at an ALEC meeting - taking the next huge industry to ALEC corporate members.
Michael Correia - lobbyist for the National Cannabis Industry Association
past ALEC Director of Federal Affairs - the bastion of a bastardized concept of the "free market" and the pushers of privatization.
My guess, with Correia in charge of pot lobbying
Not only will agri-biz control the pot market within the next five years
ALEC state legislators will decimate local control over pot production and pot consumption
   you do know that ALEC already has legislation that places restrictions 
   on local efforts to restrict bio-engineered and GMO crops and another piece of 
   legislation that prohibits local, city or county governments from limiting pesticide use?
ALEC legislators will then deregulate pot so that ALEC corporations can bastardize this crop in any way they see fit - for profits.

Then the lawsuits against local growers
- - you will have the GMO pot spreading it's GMO pollen pollution across fields
and the local grower being sued by agri-biz
  being denied the ability to plant the seed the local grower harvested
Why - 
cause it's been contaminated with GMO pollen pollution
and it now considered the "intellectual property" of large agri-biz.
History repeating itself - as documented here  and  here

And keep this in mind - when reading praises of a RWer entering the pot business
It would be impossible to mistake Correia for a “true believer.” Even today he won’t say whether he supports the legalization of marijuana.
“Luckily, I don’t have to get into that argument or discussion,” he says.
Correia is a hired gun
lobbyist for the National Cannabis Industry Association
and he 
won’t say whether he supports the legalization of marijuana

And keep this in mind - also folks
Correia's association, for example, recently formed an alliance with Grover Norquist, the anti-tax activist who runs Americans for Tax Reform.
Americans for Tax Reform - another ALECer
Grover Norquist - another ALECer

Having an ALECer lobbying for pot is not a good thing folks
People better wake up and realize that now - while they can take proactive action - they need to act.
Or they could do nothing - and then weep - Woe is Me - five years from now.

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