Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why Newt CAN NOT be President

At  recent dinner honoring Paul Weyrich, two of the most moving tributes were given by Newt Gingrich and George Will. They really spoke to who the man was and the degree to which he impacted our politics. Both statements are well worth your time, so I have decided to post the full transcripts here. Please take the time to read them.
Newt Gingrich:
No single person, other than Ronald Reagan, has done more to create the modern Conservative Movement than Paul Weyrich. Paul Weyrich learned in the late ‘60s how the left was operating, what it was doing so effectively, and he methodically and systematically began applying those lessons to create a Conservative Movement which was inconceivable in the early ‘70s.

Paul Weyrich is the founding father of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) - founded in the early 70's.

Privatization of all government services.
De-regulation for the benefit of corporations.
Free-market economy philosophy.
Legislators working in kahoots with private industry to pen legislation for our country.

This would be like having Snyder, Kasich, Daniels and Walker, all rolled up in one person as the President of the United States.

ALEC - an inconceivable Conservative Movement - subverting the democratic process for 38 years.
Don't put ALEC  in the White House.

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