Sunday, May 15, 2011

ALEC Offers $1,900 to Your Legislator

Sometimes when you are posting on the big old web – someone brings to your attention a blog entry that you just have to share.

I would strongly recommend you read this blog.

The blog entry has details from an email from Debbie Lasko – State ALEC Chair from AZ, inviting all the legislators from AZ to attend the Annual Meeting of ALEC in New Orleans in August.

The assumption could be made that all ALEC State Chairs are sending out a similar memo to all legislators in every state.

ALEC is offering a reimbursement of up to $1,900 per legislator to attend the ALEC Annual meeting. 

If 1,000 legislators take up that offer, ALEC and their corporate sponsors will be dishing out $1,900,000.00 to buy those legislators.

You have to write to known ALEC members in your state and tell them that you expect them to turn down this $1,900 offer and to not attend the ALEC Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

44 cents and an envelope – it’s an action you can take and should.

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