Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ron Latz (D-MN) My Hero - Never Thought

I'd say that in my lifetime - known him ever since he entered politics and boy oh boy. the last two days - I am proud to say I know the man.
  Finally someone with the balls to stand up to the GOP -
  Wellstone would be proud of him.

Yesterday -   Latz Press release  from the UpTake
Sen. Latz said the bill is part of a nation-wide effort to weaken consumer rights, led by big insurance and big business special interests through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Minnesota’s legislators are introducing cookie-cutter bills written in D.C. and claiming them as their own.
“This bill makes it perfectly clear that Minnesota Republicans choose to protect big business and insurance companies rather than defend the rights of Minnesotans,” said Sen. Latz. “Republicans make the wrong choice. Across the country, we see Republican legislatures teaming up with big business and insurance companies to trample the rights of consumers. Even in Minnesota, this bill is just one of many Republican bills that will hurt consumers while protecting large corporate interests.”
Finally a legislator calling out the Repubs for using ALEC Model Legislation - FINALLY!

Today - from the UpTake
Democratic Senator Ron Latz challenges the premise of Republican Senator David Thompson’s arguments that abortion funding should be limited because some taxpayers don’t want their tax dollars going toward abortion services.
Latz says he wouldn’t want to see his tax dollars go to pay for a tuition tax credit for catholic school students. He says he has a moral and religious objection to use public dollars for religious education.
“Do I have the right to opt out?” He says he wouldn’t want his tax dollars to go pay for the mortgage interest deductions on someone’s second home. “I just don’t think that’s appropriate… if someone can afford to buy a second home, they can afford to pay the interest on the mortgage without the taxpayers subsidizing that purchase. I personally object to that, but I don’t have the right to opt out.”

We should all be proud of Latz right now - Atta Boy!
BRAVO - Senator Latz! - BRAVO!

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