Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Koch's - Squashing Bugs Becausetheycan

I really enjoy Jim Hightower, but very seldom get to his site.

Today I got to catch up on my reading and found this entry on the Koch Brothers and particularly liked this phrase in the second paragraph

“…the two Koch brothers who run it are narcissistic right-wing extremists who feel entitled to throw their multibillion-dollar fortunes at America's historic democratic structures, hoping to knock them down and erect their own corporate plutocracy over our democracy.”
Every once in awhile I need reinforcements from those more recognized than me - telling me I'm still on the right path.
Anyhoo...The remainder of the entry really drew my attention - I have since put Public Citizen on speed dial (so to speak)
The background of the HIghtower article is interesting and I would suggest also reading the post that Hightower used for inspiration as well as this article at HPost.

Ya know - it's amazing to me - how people like the Koch's have to flex their muscle to prove they are the boss - over and over and over again.  Is it a lack of testerone as they are aging?  Or just being downright mean?
Hell everyone of us that works, knows that "there is a boss" - 
Cause for most of us, working folks, - that boss shoves that fact down our throat on a daily or weekly basis.
Squashing you like a bug once - is not enough - people in power do it over and over and over again - just

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