Monday, May 23, 2011

What is Your Political Typology?

About six weeks ago I was part of a phone interview / survey conducted by the Pew Research Center
The report was recently published based on those phone surveys.  I didn't know why they were asking the questions then - now I do.

Here's the report of the study I participated in.
The survey looked at the "political typology" and the defined characteristics.

On the Pew Research Webpage you can take a quiz to see how you fit into the political typology.

It shouldn't surprise you - but you never know, it might.

By the way - so there is absolutely no question on the readers part about why I write what I write....
Here's my political typology.
Solid Liberal
14% of the public
What They Believe
  • Strongly pro-government and very liberal on a broad range of issues
  • Very supportive of regulation, environmental protection and government assistance to the poor
  • One of the most secular groups; 59% say that religion is not that important to them
  • Supportive of the country's growing racial and ethnic diversity
  • Two-thirds disagree with the Tea Party
Who They Are
  • Highly politically engaged
  • 75% are Democrats
  • Concentrated in the Northeast and West
  • 57% are female
  • Best educated of the groups: 49% hold at least a bachelor's degree and 27% have post-graduate experience
  • A third regularly listen to NPR, about two-in-ten regularly watch The Daily Show and read The New York Times
  • 59% have a passport
  • 42% regularly buy organic foods
  • 21% are first or second generation Americans
Can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear.   You'll get what you get from me.

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