Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What companies Are in ALEC?

Someone posted that into a search engine and wanted an answer.

Here's my answer to them -
It doesn't matter what companies are ALEC Members
There are too many of them (I've compiled an updated list)
and you couldn't live your normal life
if you tried to boycott all of them.

YOUR ALEC legislator is the issue -
They know better -
They are choosing to attend ALEC meetings
They are choosing to represent corporations rather than their constituency.
They are choosing to be immoral and unethical.
They are choosing to subvert our democratic process!

They do not deserve to be in office and must not be re-elected.

Our legislators have a choice
they can choose not to be involved with ALEC and
they can choose not to be involved with these ALEC corporations.

Legislators who choose to be members of ALEC
must be taught there are consequences
    for the immoral, unethical, Un-American choices you make.

And the consequence for belonging to ALEC is
    - you do not get re-elected
    - go find another job!

Thus - the legislators who are ALEC members 
must not be re-elected and
someone else needs to take their place
in your state legislature and
from your state in the US Congress.

When there are no ALEC legislative members
 the ALEC companies have no one to talk with and
no one to write corporate legislation for them
...   then the companies are no longer an issue   ...
ALEC goes away,
when the legislators go away.

and that's my two cents on that!

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