Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Republicans to America - WORK 'TIL YOU DIE

Be proud of the freedom given to you in the USA 
The freedom to WORK 'TIL YOU DIE.

Cause the government isn't going to help you out -
you bunch of lazy old bums!

Wanna get really angry - like I did?
You  jack-a$$ republicans who put this guy in office should be ashamed of yourselves.
He is an arrogant SOB, who uses bullying tactics to basically tell seniors to shut up and die.

Woodall's parents should be ashamed of him for what he said - If they aren't THEN take away their Medicare benefits - now, they don't need the government helping them out - Wooddall can pay their medical bills.

Georgia - shame on you - shame, shame, shame on you!!


""If you want a socialized health care program, there are lots of places to find that," he said. "But, for your children's sake, I beg you: There aren't many places to find the freedom to succeed by the sweat of your brow like we have here.""

The only way a citizen over the age of say 50 can leave the United States and immigrate to another country is to marry someone from another country.  How do I know - because I am looking at my options.

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