Thursday, May 19, 2011

Republican Politicians - Go Screw Yourself!

When we should be talking about the economy – we’re talking about sex.
When we should be talking about job creation – we’re talking about sex.
When we should be talking about taking care of veterans – we’re talking about sex.
When we should be talking about energy conservation – we’re talking about sex.
When we should be concentrating on destroying ALEC – we’re talking about sex.

God forbid – we should talk about the REAL ISSUES affecting this country right now – we have to talk about sex!

It irritates me to the very soul of my existence that most radio and TV personalities give only lip service to ALEC - five minutes here – ten minutes there - to an organization that is destroying our democratic process.  Who cares – let’s talk about sex, let’s spend hours and hours and hours talking about sex!

Well, yesterday Thom Hartmann ventured the question –
Why do Republican politicans who screw around on their wives end up with no or very little damage done to their professional career – while Democrats crash and burn and go into oblivion.
·     Why can Newt screw around and divorce his wife who had breast cancer and emerge a Presidential candidate while John Edwards fades off into oblivion?
·    Why can Newt literally screw a staffer at the very same time he is indicting Clinton for extra-marital affairs and Newt ends up a Presidential candidate?
·    Why does Vitter receive a standing ovation – by his Republican cronies – after he admitted to cheating on his wife - being with a prostitute (which by the way is also breaking the law) and Colorado Senator Gary Hart vanishes into obscurity?

We need to talk about sex today –
Why does this happen?
          Republican politicians continue their path to greatness and
          Dems end up in the trash heap for the most part
          – for doing the exact same thing.

Well – (overgeneralization coming here) for the most part, Dems know what they did is wrong and they are embarrassed and they choose to withdraw from the public eye.  Somebody literally tells them - what you did is wrong - Bad Boy!  And they cower off into non-existence.

Republican politicians on the other hand - (overgeneralization coming here) consider women as worthless pieces of meat – with no inherent rights, chattel, - having sex outside the marriage is no difference than humping a tree stump - maybe having sex within the marriage is no different than humping a stump - who knows.  
Republican politicians are GODS - to be honored and obeyed.
   They get standing ovations for screwing around -
       BRAVO - you have shown the world your virility -BRAVO!
   Beat your chest and look high into the sky and let out a primordial scream -
      Oh, Republican politician - you are a manly man
       - you know how to screw everyone!

Why would I say that?  Well take a look at John Ensign - his actions can be construed as nothing other than rape and extortion, and his Republican buddies (all of them – don’t kid yourself, they all knew about this) stood right beside him and tried to make this just go away.  And based on what I have read – this Ensign situation is pretty close to being what I would consider – “forcible rape” – but I consider all rapes forcible.  But then the Republicans can’t distinguish between “rape” and “forcible rape” – because they’ve never been screwed.

In addition, you have the Republican "Femicide Agenda" - to see how many women they can kill by defunding Planned Parenthood - an organization that  provides nearly one million Pap tests and more than 850,000 breast exams each year, critical services in detecting cancer.  Mitch Daniel - presidential maybe - was the first to lead the charge on this front - and the Republicans want him to be our President. 

Well it’s time for the Republicans to get screwed.
If you can’t find a tree stump – go screw yourself!
And that’s my two cents today.

Talking about skirting the REAL ISSUES of our country
San Francisco is trying to ban circumcision – WTF?

Where’s the Jobs?

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