Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Are ALEC Corporations Really That Damn Dumb?

ALEC corporate members never cease to amaze me.
ALEC corporations may have all the money in the United States - it's evident that they don't have all the smarts.
It's evident that none of them took a logic class in college.
It's evident that they never learned that if A is B and B is C then A is C.

They argue that the money that they give to ALEC - has a specific use - bullshit.
There is no special bank account that ALEC corporate member money goes into - to fund only this or only that.
The money that ALEC corporate members give to ALEC go into one a general fund - THAT FUNDS EVERYTHING ALEC does.

Most recent case in point:

Bernard argued that Microsoft’s membership in ALEC “is not an endorsement” of the group’s anti-environmental agenda:

Did Microsoft get a special contract with ALEC that says that the money Microsoft gives to ALEC will not be used for climate denial legislation - Hell No!

If corporations are going to give money to ALEC - they are part and parcel of EVERY piece of nastiness that comes out of ALEC.
Corporations that fund ALEC can not say that they don't support something ALEC is doing - when all the money ALEC receives funds everything that ALEC does.

It's kinda like saying

Our membership in the KKK “is not an endorsement” of the group’s agenda:


Corporations need to distant themselves from the extremist policies of the American Legislative Exchange Council.  Defunding ALEC is the only way to do that.

It's time for ALEC corporations to give up the gravy train to ALEC state legislators for the purpose of introducing pro-corporate legislation, written by corporate lawyers, that intentionally manipulates the "free market".

Corporations must DUMP ALEC!

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