Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Best Practices of ALEC Legislators

ALEC legislators are always telling the press they get together to share best practices.

  • financial de-regulation
  • privatization of government goods and services
  • sale of government lands and buildings to corporations
  • the elimination of unions
  • privatization of public pensions
  • the disenfranchising of student voters
  • the disenfranchising of senior citizens voters
  • the disenfranchising of minorities voters
  • the elimination of the minimum wage
  • the elimination of a living wage
  • the elimination of pay equity
  • promoting climate change denial
  • de-regulation related to fossil fuel industries 
  • de-regulation of telecommunications industries
  • Kill at Will, Shoot First
  • denying healthcare benefits
  • removing the rights of women to determine their own healthcare
  • the destruction of public schools
  • the merger of state and corporate power
The nastiness of the ultra-conservative, pro-corporate, extremist American Legislative Exchange Council policies can not be emphasized enough.

ALEC legislators are always saying they get together to share best practices - which includes
  • not representing the living, breathing, bleeding homo sapiens who actually vote with their hearts and hopes and pay ALEC legislators salaries with their hard-earned taxpayer dollars

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