Sunday, September 22, 2013

Better Life Thru Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

Got out of the house and away from the computer for a bit, the last couple of weeks- and I was amazed at what I've repeatedly heard and thought I would expound on it a bit.

Did you know that 70% of Americans take at least one pharmaceutical per day?
This absolutely astounds me.

When I was little I lived on a farm - we were dirt poor - farm dirt poor.  We had an outhouse, brought our water to use in the house from a pump out by the barn - heated our water for use in a special container that was built onto the wood stove we used for cooking.  People died every year when I was a kid - family, neighbors - whomever - from "natural causes".  Everyone around us were dirt poor farmers and we didn't go to the doctor - until you were dying and then the doctor came to the house, to tell you they were dying.  Most all of my aunts and uncle died of "natural causes".
That being said - I don't understand people's obsession with doctors and drugs.
What I'm about to write may be interpreted as judgmental - it's not meant to be - that's not the focus or the intent.  I honestly and truly can not understand people's obsession with doctors and drugs.
Most days at work, can't stand to go into the breakroom just to socialize - all they talk about is their illnesses, their medical tests and the medications they are on.

Our society has bought into the drug company ads and the societal pressure - Better Life Thru Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

Couple of examples.
Drugs vs talk therapy and learning new coping skills
About ten years ago I had a friend who was having horrible marital problems.  Caused her to be depressed.  Instead of dealing with the marital problems to get rid of the depression - she went on anti-depressants.  That didn't work as the marriage didn't improve - so eventually she ended up in the hospital for shock treatment to fry her brain into thinking her marriage was okay.  I have no idea what happened after that - cause I literally could not deal with what had transpired and didn't see or talk with them again. 
Surgery is the answer
I have a friend who had horrible back issues awhile ago.  After many months of MRIs and neurological exams - many months - it was decided that they would have surgery on their back.  I did research on the internet about back fusion surgery and begged them repeatedly - Please go to a chiropractor - see if that would help - you will lose nothing cause you have the surgery scheduled.  They wouldn't go to the chiropractor - had the surgery and now almost two years later the pain from the back surgery is so bad on a daily basis that even pain meds can't help them - because they can't function on the pain meds (and they need to function!).  Again - I am begging them - please go see an acupuncturist to see if they can help you manage the pain - and they won't listen.  I worry every day that the stress from that pain will kill them with a heart attack or stroke. 
Being so Busy it makes you sick
I have a friend who has two kids.  Their schedules after school and on weekends are insane.  And they are sick, all the time.  Rather than re-scheduling their life to include "down time" for rest and recuperation - they just keep pushing themselves and pushing themselves.  Always sick - always at the doctor, always on some type of medication. 
Allergies and Medication
I have allergies - bother me in the spring and fall.  Many years ago I was introduced to netty pots and now I simplify that with a saline nasal spray.  I manage my allergies with this simple process and I don't suffer any longer than other people I know who are medications for their allergies ( which by the way, don't provide 100% relief anyway). I often recommend to people that they try a saline nasal spray to alleviate some of the annoying allergy issues - they won't listen.   They would rather take meds and spray chemicals up their nose.
Drugs vs Life Style Change
Can't tell you how many people I know who take medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol and other types of these kinds of diseases - rather than going for a daily walk, changing their diet, going to a massage therapist or taking a meditation class.
The most recent example has been a friend who recently found out they are in the early stages of arthritis. Suggested they see an acupuncturist to see if they could manage and slow down the symptoms (wish I could have told them to lose some weight but I'm not one to say something like that out loud).  But no - next thing I know I'm hearing about cortisone shots and regular visits to some type of specialist. 
The last one
I saw a woman in the grocery store one day with the most beautiful healthy platinum silver hair I had every seen.  I walked up to her and complimented her on her hair.   About fifteen minutes later the woman sought me out and asked me if I had been "forced" to let my hair go silver and I told her no - it was a personal choice.  She told me a story about how she had started to lose her hair from  the chemicals used to color it - so she quit coloring it and now her family was asking her to start coloring her hair again - cause her beautiful platinum silver hair - made her look older.

Some people who have bought into the chemicals and pharmaceuticals for better living are pretty pissed off at me right now - that's not the purpose of this entry.
The purpose is to question "a better life thru chemicals and pharmaceuticals" - are there other things you can do - that can help other than chemicals and pharmaceuticals?
The other question in why aren't people doing this?

May sound judgmental - not meant to be - that's not the focus or the intent.
I just don't understand why people choose to do this to themselves, really I don't.
I simply do not understand why people believe that drugs and chemicals are the best answer.
And one day - I will die of natural causes and I'm okay with that.

Did you know that 70% of Americans take at least one pharmaceutical per day?
This absolutely astounds me.
Our society has bought into the drug company ads and the societal pressure - Better Life Thru Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

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