Friday, October 11, 2013

ALEC - Your Term is Up #VoteNo2ALEC

Last week I introduced you to the Congressional members of ALEC.
IMPORTANT to note 
- If you want to get the house back in 2014 
  The entire nation will be better off for it!

In addition to the congressional races - we also have to fight the infestation of the extremist, pro-corporate, right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council at the state, county and local levels.

ALEC must be removed from our government.
ALEC is a PRIVATE 501c3 organization that doesn't give a damn about you and me 
- the only thing ALEC is concerned with is keeping 98% of its revenues that come from
     ALEC Corporations 
- through any means possible.

I will try to update this list on a regular basis - it will depend on how often I am able to find announcements that I can pass on to you - the truthseeker - the keyper of America's democracy.

It is your duty - to use your power in the voting booth to rid America of these pro-corporate legislato4rs who do not serve the American people!!

Governors Race 
SC Gov Race - Support Vincent Sheheen against ALECer Nikki Haley. 
MD Del Ron George (ALEC) is running for Governor. 
IL Gov Race - State Treasurer Dan Rutherford (ALEC) is running for Governor
CO - Republican State Senator Greg Brophy (ALEC) is running for Governor

 Lieutenant Governor
TX  Todd Staples for TX Lieutenant Governor  ALEC State Co-Chair

Secretary of State Races
- Sen. Nina Turner, a Dem, is only opponent to oppose GOP Sec Of State Jon Husted’s (ALEC) 2014 re-election
 SD Secretary of State Jason Gant (ALEC) said he plans to return to the private sector  at the end of 2014
 SD State Sen.Shantel Krebs (ALEC,  ) is running for secretary of state.

State Auditors RAce
Sen. Pete Pirsch (ALEC) said he is "strongly considering" a run for state auditor in the 2014 election.

State House  
IA  Ross Paustian (IA-ALEC) announced plans last week to run for the Iowa House again in 2014
AL Sen. Cam Ward, R-ALEC, announced he will not run for congress, but will instead seek re-election to the state senate.

6th District - Bachmann Out.  Tom Emmer (ALEC) in?
SD - Stace Nelson (ALEC-SD) exploring run for US Senate.  He insists he is not really   ALEC, peer pressure forced him to join.
TN   Tea party groups endorse Joe Carr (TN-ALEC)  for U.S. Senate.
NC  Former state Sen. David Rouzer (ALEC) announced campaign team lead his rematch bid against Dem Rep. Mike McIntyre.
LA Rep. Alan Seabaugh, a Republican, told The Times Tuesday he’s seriously considering a run for U.S. Senate in 2014. 
CO- Repub Rep. Amy Stephens to run for U.S. Senate in 20144 

Country Level Race – Auditor     In charge of ELECTIONS
WA   Elect Mary Hall >Thurston County (WA)< Auditor – in charge of *elections*, licensing, & finance oversite. Currently is Gary Alexander (ALEC). 
           Remember – ALECers don’t want everybody to vote!

City Races - Mayoral
Mayor Berry (NM-ALEC)  running far ahead in the polls.  ALEC at the local level needs to be stopped.

 Calling it Quits – Thanks Goodness  
Sen. Katie Stine, (KY-ALEC) the first female Senate President Pro Tem,
      will not seek re-election
State Rep. Richard Laird is calling it quits. (AL-ALEC)
Rob Orr, (TX-ALEC), will not seek re-election to a sixth term in the Texas.
Congressman Spencer Bachus (AL-ALEC) will not seek re-election
State Rep. Jim Pitts, TX-ALEC announced Thursday that he won't seek re-election.


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