Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hell Froze Over - #VoteNo2ALEC

Campaign season has started.
As a Dem precinct chair here in MN I get a lot of campaign emails.
People looking for support for the upcoming primaries and for party endorsement.

Have to admit - I  delete these from my email box - 99% of the time I just delete them.
Cause I research the candidates, not just accept their promos.

For unknown reason - universe knocking at my door - I opened the email I got last night.
And then
had to do a little research.

By Joe Kimball | 06/21/13

State Rep. Debra Hilstrom, a DFLer from Brooklyn Center, has announced that she'll seek the endorsement in the secretary of state's race.

Incumbent DFL Mark Ritchie announced June 4 that he won't seek re-election, after eight years in office.
Yep! it's for real!
(BTW:  DFL is the Democratic Party in Minnesota.)

Now to the email.

Paid by Hilstrom for Secretary of State 3509 66th Avenue N, Brooklyn Center, MN 55429

Started reading - cause SOS is a big deal.
Kept reading
I want you to be my Secretary of State!

Under the section where she described why I should vote for her was this:
Rule #2:  I Will Not Let ALEC Influence Our Elections:  The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) acts like a subsidiary of the Koch Brothers, who spent an estimated $60 million in 2012 to influence American elections and legislative votes.  ALEC-backed legislators, including some in Minnesota, have sponsored legislation to:  1) impose barriers that will suppress voting, 2) make it illegal to videotape corporate feedlots, 3) repeal renewable energy standards, 4) privatize prisons, 5) force government to sell public land to private developers, and 6) enact right-to-work laws.  Just last week the New York Times reported the Koch Brothers spent $200 million to defund the healthcare law resulting in a shutdown of our government. ALEC is bad for democracy and bad for Minnesota.  As Secretary of State, I will be vocal in making ALEC accountable 
Can a Secretary of State - reign in ALEC?
I'm not sure - would love to see this type of campaign rhetoric come from a candidate for State Attorney General - which BTW is a position under attack by ALEC.

All the protesting - all the bloggers, all the tweeters out there - we ARE making a difference!
Hell just froze over folks - when it comes to ALEC.
This may very well be the VERY FIRST election where ALEC is a major issue in the campaigns.

Hilstrom said she will abide by the party endorsement.

Throw a few bucks her way to help her get her message across
and then let democracy take it's course
- if Americans for Prosperity doesn't buy the election,
   you know the K0chroaches are going to go after her.


Vote YES for Democracy in the US

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