Sunday, February 16, 2014

ALEC Yanks the Chain of Another Media Source

A newspaper gave ALEC a pass when evidently ALEC rebutted an editorial.
The newspaper didn't question it - just posted it - which is a disservice to everyone who read that newspaper.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease and evidently can distort the truth in anyway they want to get exposure.

Doesn't take an idiot to read thru this
- but for those of you that are RW idiots or ALEC members
- lets clear this up for you.

The papers clarification 
An editorial Tuesday stated that the American Legislative Exchange Council is behind the effort to enact state laws that require welfare applicants to be tested for drug use, such as House Bill 1351, recently passed by the Indiana House.
An "editorial" is an opinion piece.
Evidently ALEC has to cover its back now -  even when people are only opining about them.
This is a really good sign that ALEC is possibly in really big trouble when it comes to ALEC pushing legislation the way they do and have done for decades..
According to Molly Fuhs, the organization’s manager of communications and media relations, the organization pushing that legislative concept is actually the Foundation for Government Accountability, a Naples, Fla.-based nonprofit advocacy group whose president, Tarren Bragdon, spoke on the benefits of Florida’s drug-testing law at an ALEC seminar in 2011. Christine Herrera, then director of ALEC’s Health and Human Services Task Force, was quoted by the FGA as endorsing the drug-testing-bill concept. Herrera is now senior fellow for the FGA.
Interesting thing here is again we have Molly Fuhrs speaking on behalf of ALEC - been awhile since PR Poobah Meierling has taken the reins to kill bad publicity.  Are things going sour for him at ALEC?

Foundation for Government Accountability - a right wing think tank.
Offered the legislation to ALEC legislators at an ALEC meeting in November of 2011.  Copy /paste bill mill legislation which ALEC is famous for.
ALEC didn't stop it - ALEC pushed it to their legislative members.
And -  Christine Herrera, then director of ALEC’s Health and Human Services Task Force - ENDORSED it to the ALEC legislative members.

What in the hell did ALEC think their ALEC legislative members were going to do with legislation introduced at an ALEC meeting and endorsed by the director of the HHS committee - forgetabout it?  Don't think so.
ALEC headquarters is  a bunch of a$$wipes.
ALEC legislators are just a bunch of evil nastiness.

Oh, BTW -
Christie Herrera is senior fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA).
No longer at ALEC - musta been a good meeting in November 2011.

ALEC got caught
ALEC doesn't like getting caught
ALEC “does not have any model policies – nor ever did – relating to drug testing of welfare recipients,” Fuhs said. The concept is “not something that we support or advocate.”
ALEC distorts the truth to the media - cause they can get away with it.
The mainstream media is too damn dumb to realize ALEC is yanking their chain.

The moral of the story is
ALEC the IT doesn't do a thing

Legislators who belong to the American Legislative Exchange Council are totally responsible for the evil legislation 
that is spreading across the US.
ALEC legislators MUST be removed from office.

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