Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Will KC ALEC Protest - Be A Closed Shop Event?

I can't help wondering if the folks in Missouri are going to have an open house party for the Kansas City ALEC meeting in May - or a closed shop party for the ALEC meeting in May.

Why would I wonder that?
Well for the ALEC meeting in December - the notice for the protest went out two days in advance of the protest.

Coming from out of state - I couldn't drop everything and be in Washington DC in two days.
Coming from out of state - I couldn't justify flying into Washington DC and hoping someone had planned to do a protest.
It was a closed shop protest.

I can't help thinking that the people who are currently controlling the dialogue about ALEC  - only want their people around - they want to carefully control the messaging of the protestors.

I don't think they want the independents involved.
I don't think they want the kids involved, or their voices heard - all that yelling and shouting and pushing doesn't look good on camera.  ( I enjoy being with the kids and blackshirts, but that's just me - I use to be one of them, I cherish their passion.)
I don't think they want anyone involved that doesn't fit their image of what they want an ALEC protestor to look like.

And they control who is there at the protest - when they only pre-advertise the protest to "their" people.

When there is an ALEC protest
   We need voices,  lots of voices - different voices.
   We need faces,  lots of faces - different faces.
We need to let the American Legislative Exchange Council know that a lot of different people are not okay with our legislators being ALEC members.

Democracy in action?

A closed shop protest?
This is not what Democracy looks like.

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